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 Post subject: The Greatest Show on Earth script: part 1
PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:24 am 
El Cid
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We bring you the circus. The pied piper, whose magic tunes lead children of all ages, from 6 to 60, into a tinsel and spun-candy world of reckless beauty and mounting laughter, whirling thrills, the rhythm, excitement and grace
of daring and blaring and dance, of high-stepping horses and high-flying stars. But behind all this, the circus is a massive machine whose very life depends on discipline, motion and speed. A mechanized army on wheels that rolls over any obstacle in its path, that meets calamity again and again, but always comes up smiling. A place where disaster and tragedy stalk the big top, haunt the backyard and ride the circus train, where death is constantly watching for one frayed rope, one weak link, or one trace of fear. A fierce, primitive fighting force that smashes relentlessly forward against impossible odds, that is the circus. And this is the story of the biggest of the big tops and of the men and women who fight to make it the greatest show on earth.
- Morning, Mr Braden.- Morning, Nick.
- When's the new horse arriving, Brad?
- Tomorrow, Chuck.
Dont rub them thin, Jimmy.
Those bell's are 60 year's old.
They've rung in some good show's.
- Hi.
- Hi, Mr Braden.
How are the kid's?
Oh, just fine, except they were playing with Randy Concello a few day's ago.
That's nice.
Ye's, but Randy came down with the mump's this morning.
What? No. Any sign's?
No, not yet, but baby gorilla's do get the mump's.
I'll have Higgin's give them a shot of immune serum and double their cod liver oil. Give them plenty of spinach.
You stay healthy now, boy, you hear?
Say, is it true were only gonna play a short season this year?
Dont believe all you hear.
- See?
- Go back to Mama now.
I told you there was nothing to it.
- How's Myrtle?
- Stomach.
Give her some gin and ginger.
- Any new's about a full season?
- Youll get a full season. Be sure Myrtle get's all the gin.
- Same old trouble?
- Yeah. Sore throat. All of it.
Well, get a billiard cue and swab it out. Better feed your bird, Lou.
Hey, Brad, Betty in the cookhouse said were only gonna play the big cities this year.
And then close up like a miser's heart.
Well, if they're giving odds, bet a buck for me.
Why the rehearsal just for makeup, Brad?
Because you left off your eyelashes last performance last season.
Youre gonna need an extra shoe walking back from Kalamazoo.
Im supposed to be looking for you, Brad.
Well, are you supposed to find me?
Big brass hollering for you up front.
You found me.
Hey, Brad, this might help.
Too small.
Skim off the cream.
Let the little show's scramble for the thin milk.
Dont forget what circus day mean's to a small town.
John North, youre just soft about the circus.
It's suicide to play this whole tour this year.
- You gonna tell that to Brad?
- Yes.
A good circus boss carries out orders.
My vote is 10 weeks and back to Sarasota.
But for 80 year's...
That order about keeping the ground's clean goes for the top brass, too.
- Hi, Brad. Im sorry about that.
- Good morning.
Ive seen happier head's on cane's.
We sent for you, Brad, to tell you we've got to pass up the small cities and town's.
- Times have changed.
- Kid's havent.
- Prices have.
- Well stay in the black.
You hope.
Look, Brad, here's the tour for this season.
That's only 10 week's.
Sixty percent of our money comes from the big cities in the first 10 week's.
The world's upside down, Brad.
We can't take the risk...
Our people risk their neck's twice a day. We'll have a short season, no red ink and no trouble.
Trouble's part of the circus.
They said Barnum was in trouble when he lost Tom Thumb. They said he was through when Jumbo died.
Were the greatest show on earth, and you can't put 1,400 people out of work because the world has a stomach ache.
And you cant risk $25,000 a day on a sentimental journey, either.
If you'll play only the big cities, you'll cut the heart right out of this show. In two seasons, you'll destroy what it took his family 80 years to build.
I might vote a few week's more if we had a bigger headline.
- Holly isn't known.
- Well, we've got one.
- Didn't you tell him, John?
- Not yet.
Who is it, Johnny? Have you brought Gargantua back to life?
The Great Sebastian.
- What?
- Oh, no!
Obviously, youre crazy.
Sebastian's wrecked every show he's been with.
- But he draw's like sugar in fly time.
- Nobody can handle him.
- He's never worked for Brad.
- You're buying trouble, Johnny.
I'm buying the best trapeze act in the air.
Well, he may be a god in the air, but he's a devil on the ground.
You mean with women?
Do you know how many women this show carries?
He's not that good,
no matter what youve heard.
- Thing's are bad enough as it is.
- No, Brad, it's too big a gamble.
You havent sold me.
Im still against going under canvas.
- Are you for Sebastian?
- Yes.
Because the only way we could get him was to sign him for the full season.
I knew there was a trick in it.
You cant get good acts for a 10-week season!
Cool off, Brad.
Were going to 'stay out
as long a's were in the black.
- As long as we make money, yes.
- If you say so, John.
Well, I dont like it, John.
Thank you, gentlemen. That's it.
And youd better start worrying about Sebastian.
- Let me show you...
- You try to give...
I can't believe it.
Hey, Lucky, keep those cat's covered
when you move them.
Okay, Mr Braden.
- Brad?
- Yeah?
You know Seba'stian only work's
in the centre ring.
I know it.
Id rather crawl in that cage of cat's
than have to tell Holly
'she's out of the centre ring.
So would I.
You can blame me if you want to.
Thank's, but it's my medicine. Ill take it.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Hey, Tuffy, off your back
and on your toe's.
And give me
a little more 'slack thi's time.
You got ample rope now for a hanging.
One more and lm going to do
without the mechanic.
No deal. Ill put up a net.
What do you think I am, a fish?
You better use a net for this one,
or youll break your neck,
and Brad will break mine.
Now dont get 'sentimental, Tuffy.
Come on, let's go.
If Brad 'see's thi's,
hell chew your ear's off.
Snap your leg's now.
All the way together, Lena.
Point your toe's, Janet.
A little more curve.
Relax, relax.
- Any new's?
- Nope.
Come on, now. Let's get over it.
Fa'ster, Loni, fa'ster.
What give's, Button's?
Holly's hatched up a new hair-rai'ser
for that centre 'spot.
Quiet around the centre ring!
Everybody, 'still a minute, plea'se!
Terrific, Holly!
Pretty good.
Hi, Brad. Do you like it?
You try it again and III ground you.
It's the fini'sh on my new act.
Itll fini'sh you and your act.
Dont you want to 'see it once more?
No. Come on down.
Okay, youre the bo's's. Watch it, Tuffy.
Here I come.
- Oh, brother.
- Hey, look it.
- Down on 'second's.
- Put it in the act, Holly.
That ankle drop i's out.
I want you all in one piece.
That's for making the big bra's's
give u's a full 'sea'son.
You got that trapeze
wired for 'sound, pigeon?
But youre the kind of fellow
who could talk anybody into anything.
- You did, didnt you?
- Yeah.
Hey, kid's, Brad fixed it.
Were gonna play the full 'sea'son!
Come on!
Did you hear that, Klau's?
The full 'sea'son!
Down, move down.
Make him put me down, Klau's.
Do I have to have an excu'se
to leave the room?
You know, I think it i's the trou'ser's.
Wherever there are trou'ser's, you go.
- Full 'sea'son, Loni.
- Oh! He filled it.
The full 'sea'son will buy me
a 'sable-dyed rabbit coat.
What you have on, I like.
Well, 'sugar, like it a little farther away.
- No layoff, Buzzy!
- Tell him, Dai'sy.
Were hitting the 'stick's.
A full 'sea'son, i'snt that 'swell?
Youre wonderful!
All right, quiet down, everybody.
Quiet down!
Now, li'sten, and get thi's, all of you.
We only 'stay out
a's long a's were in the black.
Well be in the black, right?
You mean we all got
to play in blackface?
- And Seba'stian, too!
- Seba'stian?
- Seba'stian?
- Seba'stian?
- Oh, no, he's not.
- Lock up the girl's.
Aint he in Europe?
- Oh, boy, wait till you 'see him.
- Who did you 'say?
Well, I dont know, but I heard
that The Great Seba'stian's coming.
I's that true, Brad?
New's 'sure travel's fa'st around here.
He's 'strictly centre ring, i'snt he?
That's right.
- Hi. Aint it great?
- Terrific.
Oh, boy!
Do you know what thi's i's?
Well, 'sure.
It's my iron-jaw mouthpiece. Why?
Put it in your gabby mouth
and keep it 'shut.
- Whered you leave the prop's?
- Right over here.
He can take care of u's now.
All right. Get your bit's, girl's.
You, too, Philip.
Well, I gue's's I know where I 'stand.
- Holly, li'sten...
- To what?
More promi'se's about next year,
the year after that?
I wa's a fool to believe you.
Youd 'sell out
your own grandmother for a name act.
- You know there's nobody...
- Dont 'say youre 'sorry.
I couldnt take that.
Im 'sorry there's only one centre ring.
Oh, 'sure. I know. The 'show come's fir'st.
I didnt want to do thi's.
Save your breath.
I know ju'st what youre gonna 'say.
Oh, Brad, I had the centre ring.
You told me I could have it.
Holly, you want the 'show
to play the road, dont you?
I worked in every act in thi's circu's.
Im in 'spec, lm in manage,
lm a ro'se on the beauty float,
I fill in with the flyer's.
I work from 'start to fini'sh.
Well, 'so do mo'st of the other's.
It wa's the only way to get a full 'sea'son.
But my own act,
the one thing that's really mine,
that lve worked on for three year's,
that you to's's right out of the centre ring.
Pigeon, look, youre the be'st trapeze act
in the 'show.
- Then why dont you leave me in centre?
- Becau'se Seba'stian's a bigger draw.
Brad, III draw them. Leave me there.
Seba'stian's 'sure. Youre a chance.
You dont take chance's
with the 'show, do you?
All right.
Ill move over.
Where do I go?
Ring one.
Oh, Brad,
Id do my act in clown alley
or the hor'se top for you.
Id do anything if it wa's ju'st for you.
Pigeon, look, out under the 'sky,
you know how I feel about you.
But under the big top,
one performer's ju'st like another to me.
Youve got nothing
but 'sawdu'st in your vein's.
Ive 'scraped too many of you kinker's up
from the 'sawdu'st
to let anybody get under my 'skin.
Ju'st 'so the 'show roll's.
You dont care who it roll's over
or who it hurt's.
So it roll's over me.
Be careful 'someday
it doe'snt roll over you.
Dont worry.
Ill have my rigging out of centre
before The Great Seba'stian arrive's.
- Tuffy, tear down my rigging.
- Okay.
Like peanut's, Harry?
I got everything lined up,
Mr Hender'son.
Gaff wheel's, noveltie's for 'sucker bait,
and two of the be'st 'stickmen
in the racket's.
Ill work it ju'st like the Columbia 'show.
No, Harry, you got a tough guy here
you didnt have at Columbia.
Brad Braden? III handle him.
With your brain's,
you couldnt handle that hippo.
Li'sten, if Braden get's in my way,
III roll right over him.
Hed break you in two.
Not with you backing me,
Mr Hender'son.
He's too 'smart to tangle with your boy's.
Ill cut him in, maybe.
You cant buy men like Braden.
And dont meet him head-on.
Okay, III go around him.
What about the bankroll for the game's?
Have 'some more peanut's, Harry.
Hi, potato. Getting ready to roll?
What's the potato gag?
- Here, wrap that for me, will you?
- Okay.
Well, there's ma'shed potatoe's
and ha'shed potatoe's, 'sweet potatoe's.
I dont feel very 'sweet,
except maybe about you.
Youre alway's helping everybody,
- Brad a'sked me to help you.
- Wa's he 'sorry about it?
Maybe he wa's ju'st worried
I wouldnt have my rigging down
before The Great Seba'stian arrive's.
Could be. Could be.
He doe'snt con'sider anybody's feeling's
when it come's to running the circu's.
Youre telling me.
Im 'so mad I could 'spit.
Well, why dont you 'spit then?
You know, Brad's not a man,
he's a machine,
like the tractor's and the generator's.
Why, Button's,
I thought you were hi's friend.
Well, he broke hi's word to you.
You could never tru'st him again.
That i'snt true!
Brad's been worried 'sick
about getting u's all a full 'sea'son.
If he had to throw me out,
he had to throw me out and it's...
You didnt mean
any of what you ju'st 'said.
I made you 'see it hi's way a little,
didnt I?
Darn you.
- You make me feel like a big idiot.
- Yeah, well, 'stop acting like one then.
Well, anyway, lm 'still mad at him.
And lm mad at you, too.
Say, that's pretty neat.
Remind's me of a bandage I wore once
when I 'sprained my ankle.
Button's, why can Brad hurt me 'so?
Why do I alway's want to hurt him back?
They 'say each man kill's
the thing he love's.
A coward doe's it with a ki's's,
a brave man with a 'sword.
Why, that's crazy.
You wouldnt hurt anyone you loved.
Who know's what a man will do
when he's in love?
Every girl in the 'show ha's tried for you.
But I gue's's
you already have 'someone, huh?
Could be.
I's 'she in one of the town's
were gonna play?
I havent 'seen the route 'sheet.
I's that why you dont try
to romance any of the gal's?
No. Clown's are funny people, Holly.
They only love once.
All men arent that way
even if they act like clown's.
No, I 'suppo'se not.
Oh, Button's, lm all ache in'side,
having a man love 'sawdu'st
more than me.
Well, maybe hell have
to make a choice 'someday.
If ever lm in hi's arm's,
hi's head will be in the machine 'shop
- or bedding down the hippopotamu's.
- Yeah.
Youre lucky. Everybody love's you.
Ten million kid's and your girl.
Youll be 'seeing her pretty 'soon.
We roll in three day's.
Into the sunshine of spring,
the circus rises
from its winter hibernation,
and ready for eight months
of excitement and adventure.
The circus trains, like Noahs Ark,
will carry and shelter man and beast
through flood and mud
and heat and storm,
through triumph and adversity.
each sure the season will bring
his hearts desire.
- You dropped 'something!
- Hey, look out, look out.
Why dont you drive
where youre looking?
I wi'sh one of your dog's would bite you.
All right, boy's! Come on.
All right. Keep it coming.
Keeping it coming. That's right.
Keep it coming.
Get tight in front of tho'se wheel's.
Cant locate Seba'stian.
Tried the ho'spital's, the hotel's.
Straighten that wagon out!
Come on! Get with it!
We pull out in a half an hour
whether he's aboard or not.
Check both railroad 'station's and...
- Who's that?
- Seba'stian, I gue's's.
- Hi, Seba'stian.
- Hello!
Get a load of that.
Where's the fire at?
Oh, baby!
Thi's ought to be good.
Where i's the bo's's man?
I thought he wa's.
I am Seba'stian.
I am honoured to be with you.
I hope your act's
a's good a's your entrance.
Ive 'seen them all arrive,
Caldona, The Concello's,
none of them ever came
with a funeral e'scort.
The police e'scort, it wa's not my idea.
- I clocked him at 75 in a 15-mile zone.
- Running a red light.
I got him for cutting in and out of traffic
on the wrong 'side of the highway.
In the war, I drive a tank.
Sometime's I forget. I forgot.
Yeah, well, the judge will add that up
to about $100 or 60 day's.
Then itll be 60 day's in jail.
I would hate to be ab'sent
the fir'st two month's of the 'show.
Okay, boy's. Ill buy him back.
Take my jeep, Law'son.
Settle it in the office.
Get your baggage aboard.
You can park that heap
in the menagerie hou'se.
I 'salute you.
We 'shall get along together 'splendidly.
Dont crowd, mi'ster.
Cant you 'see an elephant,
or do I have to paint her red?
I wa's blinded by the memory
of an unforgettable night in Pari's.
Blow up your water wing's, girl's.
Here come's the big wave.
Come on, Ruth.
How come no hu'sband ever 'shot you?
I never offer a 'sitting target.
I thought Id 'seen the la'st of you
when you got mixed up
with that wirewalker from Li'sbon.
You will never 'see the la'st of me, Angel.
That will be arranged
when you meet Klau's.
- Hello, hand'some. Remember?
- Natalia!
- No, honey ball, Phylli's.
- Of cour'se.
Lovely Phylli's
with the charming iron jaw.
lm 'still hanging on to my job with it.
All right.
It 'save's your feet.
Sure tough on your clothe's, though.
Thank's for the ride, 'sugar.
You know Seba'stian, eh?
- Sure, were old friend's.
- How good friend's?
Li'sten, you can worry
about any other guy in the 'show,
but not Seba'stian.
I wouldnt want him
if he were dipped in gold du'st.
We will make
beautiful mu'sic together, huh?
Yeah, the la'st time,
I remember a few 'sour note's.
Oh, Natalia wa's...
Who i's that?
They threw me off the ball team
becau'se I wa's catching home run's
at 'second ba'se.
Say, how come the Giant's
pa's'sed you up?
I dont know.
Oh, that's the giant and the fat boy.
No, no. In between.
- Oh, that's Holly.
- Holly?
She's intere'sting.
I wouldnt meet her ju'st now
if I were you.
- Youre poi'son.
- Why?
- You ju'st put her out of the centre ring.
- I did?
Excu'se me.
- Well, here we go again.
- Did you bring any card's?
- Oh, my feet are killing me.
- Well, then, keep off of mine.
I's it true what Phylli's ha's told me?
- I wouldnt know.
- Pardon.
Wait a minute!
That they put you out
of the centre ring for me?
I am Seba'stian.
- You mean you didnt know?
- How could I?
- I am very, very 'sorry.
- Ill get over it.
If youre half a's good in the air
a's you look on the ground,
you are at lea'st terrific.
The bo's's 'seem's to have other idea's.
Say, they tell me
that you work with two bar's like I do.
No. You work with two bar's like I do.
Anyway, lm glad to meet you.
It mean's 'so much to you,
the centre ring?
- Dont be funny.
- Excu'se me.
Would you hold the'se, plea'se?
- Oh, ye's, Seba'stian.
- Thank you.
- Come.
- Where?
- To 'see the bo's's.
- What for?
I will in'si'st he put you right back again.
You arent kidding me, are you?
- Come and 'see.
- Oh, boy, will I!
Keep going. Thi's i'snt a parking lot.
That wa's a beautiful doll
you made for Si's'sy.
Im glad 'she liked it. Hello, Holly.
Oh, Button's!
I want you to meet The Great Seba'stian.
Thi's i's Button's. Youll love him.
Everybody doe's. Come on.
- Why are you in makeup?
- Why are you The Great Seba'stian?
Get tho'se run's in,
and were about through.
Mr Braden, weve got trouble,
- Yeah, we cant get Tiny aboard.
- Cant even get him through the door.
Go along with Lotu's.
Theyll make you comfortable in her car.
That hippo? She might get hungry.
Dont worry. She's a vegetarian.
Brad! Brad!
Seba'stian's got 'something to tell you.
Better tie him in 'so he wont roll!
Ha's he?
You know what? He want's to give up
the centre ring to me.
I'snt he wonderful?
Yeah. Wonderful.
Where do you propo'se to go?
I have had the centre ring.
To me, it doe's not matter.
Ring one or ring three, a's you wi'sh.
He really mean's it, Brad.
He's not ju'st grand'standing.
- Holly...
- Oh, Brad.
Ive wanted that ring
ever 'since lve been a foot high.
Do you know
what were paying Seba'stian?
You know how hi's billing read's?
He's the 'star of the 'show.
And the 'star reque'st's ring three.
Who do you think youre kidding?
Lm 'sorry, Holly,
but the people watch the 'star.
That's why the 'star play's
the centre ring.
The people watch the 'star, do they?
Well, theyre going to be watching me.
If you wont let him
give me the centre ring,
III take it away from him.
Oh, no, ma chrie.
I may give it away,
but no one will take it away.
Look, Seba'stian.
Youre a nice guy,
and I hate to do thi's to you,
but lm going to make
ring one the centre ring.
If you do 'something once, III do it twice.
If you do a double, III do a triple.
If you 'stand on your head,
III 'stand on my ear.
Not while lm around, you wont.
The one place youre not around
i's 40 feet 'straight up.
Maybe that's why I like it there.
Im warning you, the audience's
are going to be looking at me.
And 'so will I.
You 'start any trouble,
and III ground you both.
Hello, Brad. Were here
to ble's's the circu's train's again.
It's good to 'see you, Father.
Could you pour it on
a little extra heavy thi's time?
- Of cour'se we can.
- I think were going to need it.
All right, boy's.
Rai'se that run up and get it in.
Hurry it up, little Jim!
- Give me your hand.
- Dont fall, now.
Oh, boy!
Bye. See you in Wa'shington.
Bye, Father!
Bye, Father. of the featured attractions
of the greatest show on earth.
Come right on in. Lets everybody go.
...boy's and girl's...
She's going to 'swallow
fir'st thi's curved 'sword,
and you will notice
that 'she ha's to twi'st her body
in order that the 'sword can
go down her curved neck.
Do you think it's 'sharp?
Children of all age's!
John Ringling North welcome's you
to the greate'st 'show on earth.
Brainy bruin's with new idea's.
Himalayan, Ru's'sian, Syrian
and polar bear's.
Sleek and 'shining a's 'silver dollar's,
Roland Tiebor's marvellou's, amazing,
'sophi'sticated 'sea lion's.
The internationally famou's
riding canine!
He did it, Mama!
Back, boy!
Foot! Foot!
That foot's pretty rough
to go in a girl's face.
- File it.
- All right.
Hey, the duel or whatever you call it
for the centre ring, Mr Braden?
Yeah? What about it?
I hear theyre 'slapping death
in the face twice a day.
The paper want's to know
if it's on the level.
Coming right on. Take a look.
Ladie's and gentlemen,
the 'sen'sation of the age's.
In ring one,
the beautiful bird of paradi'se,
queen of the flying trapeze,
the daring, the incredible,
the death-defying,
peerle's's and fearle's's Holly!
And in the centre ring,
the out'standing aerial
daredevil of all time,
the debonair king of the air,
The Great Seba'stian!
It 'sure pack's them in.
Be'st publicity gag in a long time.
It's no gag, brother.
You wouldnt kid me, would you?
Kid you? Theyre working without net's.
Boy, look at that guy.
Look at her!
If they dont get killed.
It's all done with mirror's, mi'ster.
- Well, what are they going to do now?
- Changing bar's.
Should I whi'stle them down, Brad?
Theyre changing their act.
No. Leave them alone.
Theyre doing all right.
Okay. Youre the bo's's.
Hey, Seba'stian,
try it without the doughnut!
How long do you think thi's can go on
before 'something happen's?
That's circu's, i'snt it?
Do you believe in prayer?
And practi'se.
- What if one of them fall's?
- Nobody's going to fall.
Thi's i's packing them in every 'show.
- We 'stay in the black or clo'se down.
- Oh, 'stop talking 'so tough.
You know, that i'snt the ba's's drum
I hear thumping.
That's your heart.
You know...
I know.
Well, lve had enough.
Well, that wa's a clo'se one.
Well, are you ready to call it off?
I have not 'started yet,
but you were magnificent.
- Sure 'stole it today, Holly.
- Thank's, Bob.
You two had quite a party up there,
didnt you?
Did you notice
which ring they were looking at?
If you really want to kill your'self,
wait till the 'sea'son's over.
Well, what do you know?
He wa's worried about me.
So wa's I.
From here on, cut out the dogfight's
up there and 'stick to your act's.
Brad, dont be a killjoy.
You dont know what it's like up there.
It's a different world.
Ju'st the two of u's fighting for the crowd.
You feel like you could do anything.
Were not people up there.
Were like two 'streak's of light
with wing's and...
You wouldnt under'stand.
- Nobody would, except another flyer.
- Like Seba'stian?
Like Seba'stian.
Come on, come on.
We need people for the 'spec.
- Did you watch the 'show?
- Yeah. It wa's terrific!
- McClo'sky want's you, Brad.
- Okay.
- Did you follow me?
- Yeah.
- That's not the half of it!
- Plea'se go up to the co'stume...
You and Seba'stian got an exclu'sive
little club up there in the air?
Get your'self a trapeze
if you want to join.
And dont park your chewing gum
on the moon again, plea'se.
Why dont he look at me anymore?
Have I got too much or not enough?
Dont worry, 'sugar.
Hell get around to you.
- Im hoping.
- Maybe he wont.
Did your elephant 'sit on thi's zipper?
He 'say's were arti'st's up there together.
Hed tell that to a trained 'seal
if it paid off.
Maybe he 'show's hi's bad 'side
to you and hi's good 'side to me.
Li'sten, Snow White,
youre not fighting thi's guy,
youre falling for him.
He wa's good enough for you once.
Maybe youd like to have him back.
I wouldnt give Seba'stian the right time
if Brad wa's a's nut's about me
a's he i's about you.
Brad? Are you kidding?
I come fourth. After Ringling Bro's.,
Barnum and Bailey.
Youre eating too many potatoe's.
When Brad doe'snt come home night's,
youll know the blonde
he's 'sitting up with i's a giraffe.
Hey, Holly, you trying to corner
the market or ju'st 'starting a collection?
- My...
- Well, you only work with your teeth.
Get with it, Mabel. Three minute's.
So let's get it all on.
If it were only you, 'sugar,
Id let you ride the roller coa'ster
all the way down.
But lm thinking about Brad.
Why do you want to bu'st up
the 'swelle'st guy in the circu's?
Sound's like youve got it bad.
He's the only guy that look's at me
that I dont know what he's thinking.
He's thinking circu's.
He ha'snt thought anything but circu's
'since he fell out of the cradle.
But if you want him 'so bad,
what's 'stopping you?
Maybe becau'se I knew
too many guy's like Seba'stian
before I met Brad.
Been around too much, huh?
You havent been
gathering any mo's's, either.
Brad's a one-woman man.
Ive got a feeling
he want's a one-man woman.
I dont rate a guy like that.
Be'side's, right now
'she's got elephant trainer trouble.
You better hurry.
That's not Sabu calling.
That's what I like about him.
He's 'so gentle.
Who want's them gentle?
I like them wild.
Oh, come on, birdie. Get going.
Angel, come along!
You 'should have 'seen Brad's face
when you took that tumble.
She wa's too bu'sy watching Seba'stian.
- Put your claw's away, girl's.
- Holly.
Gee, if all the Ranger's
looked like Seba'stian,
me for Texa's.
You and plenty more, huh, Holly?
Look, all I want from him
i's the centre ring.
You alway's have a 'smile
for that high-flying peacock.
Well, what you want me to do,
cry over him?
I feel like a turret gunner.
Made it.
Okay, batten down the hatche's.
Hey, Rich, get me a hot dog, will you?
- We aint got time.
- Well, lm hungry!
You alway's are.
An album of favourite 'song's.
A circu's 'serenade.
A Di'sney album.
It's Mickey Mou'se. Hi, Mickey!
Come on, Donald!
Look at Pluto!
Hi, Alice!
Oh, and there's the Mad Hatter.
The Mad Hatter.
A Gay Ninetie's album.
A moonlight 'serenade.
The magic of moonlight melodie's,
with the lovely Phylli's
a's godde's's of the moon.
Nur'sery rhyme's.
The lady who taught you
your fir'st fairy tale,
Mother Goo'se!
She's big, i'snt 'she?
A barber'shop ballad.
A bouquet of American beautie's,
with the lovely Holly
a's the centre ro'sebud
'singing Only a Rose.
Gee, you have a funny mouth.
- Let me hold him.
- Go away.
Look it. I'snt it pretty?
Theyve been around again
a'sking que'stion's.
Im 'so worried for you.
Oh, now dont worry.
Theyll never find me behind thi's no'se.
Be very careful, dear.
Now how about a nice 'smile
that I can remember till next year?
God be with you, my boy.
It's all right, Mother.
Only a rose
Here we go!
Only a smile to keep in memory
Until we meet another day
Only a rose to whisper
Blushing as roses do
III bring along
a smile or a song for anyone
Only a rose for you
A Stephen Fo'ster album.
A South American album!
Exotic firebird's
from the fore'st's of the Amazon,
a blaze of breathtaking beauty.
A very 'special 'surpri'se
for children of all age's,
our gue'st 'star for tonight,
Hopalong Ca's'sidy!
That's him! Sure, it's Hoppy!
A Chri'stma's album.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Your hair i's too red,
your leg's are too thin,
you have lip's like a cat.
Youre no good.
You give me too much trouble.
Flattery roll's right off me.
But you make a fire here.
Well, 'simmer down, General,
before you melt your medal's.
What could be more fitting
for the Chri'stma's album
than Adeste Fideles?
The performance ends,
but the drama never stops.
In the grey, drizzly morning,
the first section of the circus train
pulls into the railroad yard,
long before the city is awake.
But the animals are awake
and looking for their breakfast.
Then comes the unloading.
Two hundred tons of living power.
Sixty carloads of equipment.
Wheels rolling, gears grinding.
A circus is gigantic power
and unceasing movement.
It is a restless giant,
unlimbering its muscles
after the long night ride
before moving in to capture a new city.
Up from the railroad yards
with their faithful escort
of early-rising young fans
whove been waiting since daybreak
to follow these living tanks
as they lumber and sway
to the circus grounds,
where the stakes are being driven
that will anchor the big top
against the beating
of its constant adversaries,
wind and rain.
An army is at work,
an army the audience never sees.
An army that must be moved
from city to city, fed and housed,
a thousand strong, hardworking men,
moving like a finely-geared machine,
with one purpose,
to roll the show.
The all-important baling ring
clangs into place.
Bales of fireproof canvas,
are hauled out, unwrapped, rolled out,
stretched, laid on the ground,
where it lies like the skin
of a mighty dismembered giant,
waiting for some magician
to bring it together and give it life,
waiting until, one by one,
the giants ribs rise into place
and are firmly fastened in the earth.
Boys line up for the punt games,
a chance for a free ticket.
The disciplined army never loses
a moment nor wastes a motion.
The boss canvas man makes fast
the canvas to the baling ring.
The lives of all depend on it.
Each of the hundreds of roustabouts
has his place and his job,
a responsible job, for one mistake,
one bit of carelessness,
could cost a life.
The giants skin is stretched out
until it lies smooth and moulded,
like the bowl of a great coliseum.
But eyes watching for trouble
have noticed a little tear
that must be patched
before the searching fingers of the wind
can rip it into a disaster,
before the giant can stand up
and stretch
over his feast of colour and laughter.
Now the giant comes to life.
Slowly, the tons and tons
of his canvas body
rise and swell into the air.
He starts growing to his full,
majestic height
as he catches his first deep breath.
The strong baling rings
slipping along the great poles,
until at last they reach to the flags
flying from the peak.
And as the big top rises in each town,
new risks are taken.
Caution is thrown to the winds
in this battle for the centre ring.
...55, 56, 57, 58,
I warned her not to do Jenny's act
on that rigging.
I wa's there the night Jenny got killed.
...75, 76, 77,
- Paying for the hay all in 'silver?
- That's how we get paid.
Holly's 'spinning like a weathervane
in a Kan'sa's twi'ster.
- Swingover's?
- Yeah.
Her rope i'snt rigged for that.
Tell the ringma'ster
to whi'stle in The Zoppe's.
- Fa'st.
- Right.
...107, 108, 109,
Come on.
- What are they doing, Grandma?
- I dont know.
Like a fi'sh on a line!
The red rope!
Hey, you!
You! Are you crazy?
Hauling me down in front of everybody!
Everybody laughing at me!
I wa's going for a record!
What's the matter, are you jealou's?
Cant you 'stand to 'see me
work in the air anymore?
You cant do that trick on a pull-up rope.
- I wa's doing it, wa'snt I?
- Get out of the way.
A hurricane of hazardou's hor'seman'ship
di'splayed by the riding Zoppe's!
Why didnt you put her over your knee
and 'spank her?
That would get 'some laugh's, too.
Havent you got enough clown's,
you got to make a comic out of her?
- She wa's trying to break a record.
- Shed have broken more than a record.
You 'sure 'saved her a bu'ster.
You better tell her, Brad,
or 'shell never forgive you.
Alberto Zoppe and Cucciola,
world's 'smalle'st bareback rider!
I would buy you 'spring violet's
from the little old lady
in the Place de IOpera
and crpe's 'suzette's.
You never eaten them?
Pari's i's a honeymoon city, chrie,
full of enchantment.
On a night like thi's,
the Seine i's deep and my'steriou's,
like a woman's eye's.
The light's in it are like jewel's.
Did you know, chrie, in your eye's
there are light's like 'stardu'st?
No, but keep going.
You are beautiful and exciting,
like wine.
You know women are like wine?
Some are like 'sweet Sauterne's,
'some are warm like Burgundy, 'some...
Which one wa's Angel?
- Angel?
- Angel.
Angel wa's like cognac,
all fire in a gla's's.
But you...
You are like champagne.
Sparkling, tantalizing.
You make a man's head 'spin.
- Youve got a terrific line.
- A line? What i's that?
Well, I mean, youve 'said all thi's before
to too many girl's.
Well, never to one like you.
Oh, I have wandered a little.
But how el'se could I appreciate
what I have found now?
Id better go.
When we are up in the air,
I fall more and more in love.
- You, too, no?
- No.
A girl may 'say no,
but the woman in her mean's ye's.
- Do not be afraid of me.
- Im ju'st 'scared of my'self.
It i's not of your'self.
It i's love that frighten's you.
Feel. My heart beat's fa'st like your's.
- That's the magic of it. You love me.
- No. I mean, I dont know.
Let me go! Seba'stian!
Never try to take anything
from an elephant.
Seba'stian, do 'something!
A lion, III fight for you. A tiger.
But a redheaded wildcat
with an elephant, no.
You make thi's two-tailed jacka's's
put me down!
Did he tell you about Pari's
in the 'spring?
It's none of your bu'sine's's what he told...
Did he 'say you were like cognac,
all fire in the gla's's?
No. He 'said I wa's like champagne.
I made hi's head 'spin.
Yeah, only youll be the one
that wake's up with a hangover.
You take care of your love life,
and III take care of mine.
No, lve got four working here.
That's all.
Well, if youve got an elephant mi's'sing,
go find her.
Joe, 'send into town.
They had a Republican convention
there tonight.
Hold it. Here's your mi's'sing Jumbo.
It's okay.
Come on, move it up, Ruth.
Come on. Move it up.
All right. Put her down.
What's thi's, a new act?
You nearly lo'st
your 'stray lamb to a wolf.
You know, youve got a no'se a's long
a's that elephant's trunk.
Keep them both out of my bu'sine's's.
Theyre looking for thi's bull
down at the railroad yard.
- Ruth ju'st couldnt re'si'st the hay pile.
- Id hate to have your nerve in a tooth.
Come on, 'sugar. Let's go. Come on.
I think your coffee's kind of cold.
- Why did you do that, Holly?
- I dont know.
There's ju'st 'something
about Seba'stian that I...
Yeah, he's 'some glamour boy.
He 'said I had 'stardu'st in my eye's.
- I bet you never even noticed.
- Sure, I have.
But you werent rigged
for that one-armed 'swing.
I know, ju'st 'so the 'show keep's rolling.
Come over here.
I want to 'show you 'something.
Ju'st a few more 'spin's up there.
- You wouldve lo'st a good act.
- One of the be'st.
Now, look, Holly, I want you
to 'soft-pedal thi's 'stuff with Seba'stian.
- You do, Brad? Why?
- It's gone too far.
I gue's's youre right.
I have been playing with fire.
But it's all your fault.
If you werent 'such a big lug...
Im talking about your act,
thi's duel or whatever you call it.
I want you to 'stop it before you get hurt.
I's it me youre worried about
or the circu's?
- You.
- Brad, do you really mean that?
Why couldnt you 'say 'so?
Sure, III cut it out.
But lve got pride.
Hell look better than me.
- With a net under him?
- A net? Why a net?
To 'save hi's expen'sive neck.
- Well, I dont want a net.
- All right, then 'stick to the old act.
Sure, Brad. Whatever you 'say.
And when Seba'stian tone's down,
hi's net come's out, too.
Now, you going to 'stop
fooling around up there?
Sure, Brad.
- What about on the ground?
- On the ground?
Oh, that remind's me,
Jeannie pulled her 'shoulder tonight.
Shell be on the ground for a while.
Will you fill in with the flyer's again?
Of cour'se, Brad,
but you were ju'st gonna 'say that...
Line up that pole wagon! Swing it over!
Brad, on the ground...
- Do you want me to 'stop 'seeing him?
- On the ground? I...
You left a little of your fragrance behind
with your 'scarf.
May I e'scort you to the train?
Lm waiting for Brad.
- Till the next time, chrie.
- There wont be any next time.
I think you have 'stardu'st
mixed up with 'sawdu'st.
Good night, bo's's man.
And on the ground,
I wouldnt want to meddle
in your private affair's.
To the right and left of the doorway.
Pompom hat's, folk's. Step right up.
Put your name on them,
your 'sweetheart's name,
your wife's name,
even your mother-in-law's name.
Step right up, folk's. Get your
pompom hat's before you leave.
- For you, Liebchen, a pre'sent.
- Thank you, 'sugar.
Straight from Pari's and twice a's cla's'sy.
- How doe's it look?
- It look's good.
Read it, what it 'say's.
Angel, du bist mein. What's it mean?
You are mine.
Li'sten, 'sugar, lm not your's.
And lm not wearing any hat
that 'say's 'so.
The 'sooner you take no for an an'swer,
the ea'sier it's gonna be for both of u's.
Becau'se it i's no.
The only thing I like about you
are your elephant's.
But, Angel...
Want to win a baby doll?
Wi'se up. I know doll's.
Theyre my bu'sine's's.
Take's dough to get a dame like her.
Her heart i's ice.
She wouldnt 'say no
to a hunk of ice like thi's.
But I could not buy 'such a thing.
Go ahead, take it.
Your credit's okay with me.
- What's the matter, pal?
- My wallet's gone.
Are you 'sure?
I had the wallet in my pocket
when I wa's right here.
- And I had $10 in it.
- Did you, now?
- You mu'st be mi'staken, friend.
- Oh, no. I...
Well, maybe I wa's.
Harry, you make trouble.
Right thi's way, folk's,
and win a baby doll!
Everybody play's, everybody win's.
Keep your eye on the arrow, folk's.
Round and round it goe's
and where it 'stop's, nobody know's.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Everybody play's.
How did he get in there?
Water's coming out of it.
Look at that 'silly umbrella.
Sit down, Son.

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 Post subject: The Greatest Show on Earth script: part 2
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Your attention, plea'se.
The greate'st 'show on earth
proudly pre'sent's
the mo'st 'sen'sational
flying act's of all time,
dazzling, dauntle's's daredevil's
of the flying trapeze,
breathtaking, death-defying
marvel's in midair!
You crazy devil,
how did you get up here?
I bribed your catcher.
- Let me go!
- Ki's's me.
Look, youre holding up the act.
I could 'swing with you forever like thi's.
Why will you not 'see me anymore?
- Theyre waiting. Plea'se put me back.
- Not until you ki's's me.
When I ki's's you, I need both feet
on the ground. Let me go.
- You really in'si'st, chrie?
- Ye's! Let me go!
Seba'stian wont give up, Brad.
You better marry me quick
or lm a gone pigeon.
You get back up there and fini'sh the act
or youll be a dead pigeon.
Ye's, 'sir.
We got trouble on the midway.
- Harry?
- Yeah, hi's doll conce's'sion.
Get your'self a little 'spending money.
Here we go for another 'spin.
The more you play, the more you win.
- Let's go, Sam. You cant win at thi's.
- I got no more money anyhow.
Come on, mi'ster, you cant quit now.
Youre bound to hit it thi's time.
What do you think youre doing?
Let go of me.
- How much did you lo'se, lady?
- Thi's month's egg money, nearly $50.
Take thi's. Go on in and enjoy the 'show.
Get rid of the cu'stomer's, Joe.
Dont mix it, Brad. Youll get hurt.
- You know I run a clean 'show.
- Youre not running me!
Hey, did you 'see that?
Right in the ki's'ser!
Hey, look out, Brad!
The bo's's finally caught you, huh?
Nice going.
Do you know who's backing me?
Yeah, and he's backing
your whole dirty 'setup.
Now get going.
The lu'sciou's Phylli's dance's and 'sing's
to the 'sultry 'south 'sea 'strain's
of Lovely Luawana Lady!
Lovely Luawana lady
When your hopes
and dreams grow fadey
Dont you ever be afraid
He wont come back to you
Lovely Luawana lady
Where those yukes
and jukes are played
He dreams of all the dreams he made
And longs that theyll come true
Ever since hes back
Theres been no lack of gals
But, gee, theyre slow
They dont have that wicky wack
You taught him there
when the moon was low
Now every Susie, Sal, and Sadie
Just becomes a memory shady
Lovely Luawana lady
When he dreams of you
You made a mi'stake, Mr Braden,
a bad mi'stake,
throwing my game's off the lot.
Theyre off, Mr Hender'son,
and they 'stay off.
It might 'save you a lot of trouble
if you let Harry come back.
Wherever you operate,
the midway's crawling with pickpocket's
and crooked gambling.
One rotten apple like you
can ruin a whole circu's.
You know, youre not 'so tough.
You wont 'stand a chance
fighting my outfit.
- Ive never run away from a fight yet.
- And lve never lo'st one.
There's no 'smoking allowed in here,
Mr Hender'son.
Dont throw it away.
Ill 'show you the way out.
Lovely Luawana lady
When your hopes and dreams
grow fadey
Dont you ever be afraid
He wont come back to you
Now every Susie, Sal, and Sadie
Just becomes a memory shady
Lovely Luawana lady
When he dreams of you
Are you afraid to 'speak to me?
The applau'se, the centre ring,
you do not try to 'steal them anymore.
I dont have to.
The only net I u'se i's in my hair.
- That net, it wa's the bo's's man's order's.
- Safety fir'st.
- Who can be 'safe near you?
- You can.
I have a 'surpri'se for you.
I fly from the big rigging tonight.
Oh, Mr Thomp'son, when I 'signal,
will you announce
that I will do a double forward
over the bar through a paper hoop.
- A double?
- Through a hoop?
Through a hoop.
That's not 'so much with a net
under you.
Stop it, you two. Youre on.
The net, it bother's you?
- You crazy fool!
- No net.
Thank you, my friend.
Ladie's and gentlemen,
the 'sen'sation of the age's!
In ring one,
the beautiful and 'spectacular
queen of the flying trapeze,
the incredible Holly!
And in the centre ring,
the out'standing aerial daredevil
of all time,
the debonair king of the air,
The Great Seba'stian!
No net.
And now, for the fir'st time
in thi's or any other circu's,
The Great Seba'stian will attempt
a double 'somer'sault
over the bar, through a hoop,
'scorning a net
or any other 'safety device.
Hope he make's it.
Seba'stian, no!
Dont try it without the net!
Who took that net down?
- He did. You want it up again?
- It's too late now. He's ready to go.
Go on, now.
Keep the 'show rolling.
Roll up thi's net. Clown's!
Holly, keep it going. Go into your 'swing.
Walk me off.
Do not rob me of my exit.
All right.
Your arm, bo's's man. Your 'strong arm.
Ea'sy now.
Keep your 'seat's, plea'se!
The Great Seba'stian i's 'shaken
but not badly hurt.
The performance i's now continuing!
Re'sume your 'seat's! Plea'se!
- Birdie, i's he dead?
- No, I dont think 'so.
Draw it back.
- Carefully now.
- All right.
Back to wardrobe, girl's.
Back to wardrobe.
- Will he be all right, Doc?
- He's lucky to be alive.
- Thank's for the help, Button's.
- Okay.
Where did you ever learn
to do a Velpeau bandage?
Well, you learn a lot
when youre a pharmaci'st's mate.
You mu'stve been the be'st in the Navy.
Gee, he's hurt bad.
The other way. Turn him around.
Dont tran'sfer him.
Ju'st leave him on thi's 'stretcher.
Of all the crazy thing's.
Why did you do it?
I didnt mean for it to happen like thi's.
Only he would try
'such a wonderful trick.
- And you almo'st did it.
- I will do it. The next time.
Sure, you will.
And when you come back,
youll 'stand them on their ear's.
When I come back, chrie, you will fall.
For me.
All right, get him in there.
Let's get 'started. Get a move on.
Oh, Brad.
Flyer's have fallen before.
They will again.
He wont die, pigeon.
Your rig goe's in centre ring tomorrow.
But I didnt want it like thi's,
not over hi's broken body.
Under the big top, only two days count,
today and tomorrow.
The circus rolls on
whether flyers rise or flyers fall.
And week after week,
new audiences laugh
at the antics of the clowns
and thrill to incredible feats
of skill and daring.
Hot roa'sted peanut's. Peanut's.
Get them while theyre hot.
Hot roa'sted peanut's.
I cant watch it.
Higher, higher!
- Take another crack at it, Holly.
- Higher thi's time. Sky's the limit.
Play it, Emmett. Give me 'some rhythm.
Yeah, maybe thatll help.
Well, whi'stle or 'something.
- Anybody got a lemon?
- You think thatll work?
- Start your jug band.
- Noodle it up.
- Give it plenty of bounce!
- Yeah, pick it up, Ed.
Hit it, Holly!
When things go wrong
and lifes no song
And youre flat on your back
That doesnt mean you have to lie there
Be a jumpinjack
Keep on the hop and if you flop
In every single plan
Stand on your head and holler,
Hi, there
Be a jumpinjack
When things go up
They must come down
And also vice-a verse
If things look bad, dont fret and frown
They could be ten times worse
Get Emmett!
Your train of luck
It may get stuck
If somethings on the track
Take a good jump
And youll get by there
Be a jumpinjack
Oh, Seba'stian, youre back.
- Hi, there, gorgeou's.
- We mi's'sed you.
A 'stitch in time 'save's more than nine.
Ill bet they took plenty in you.
Hey, you were doing thi's when I left.
- Hello.
- Seba'stian, youre out of the ho'spital.
Ye's, but never out of danger
when I 'see you.
Hello, Seba'stian.
Fine. I hope both your head's are well.
Vita, dont eat too much.
Youll break your 'si'ster's pretty neck.
Well, if it i'snt Superman!
- Something will get burned.
- It 'sure will.
If you play with fire, you get burned.
I 'still have my 'scar.
Brad! Oh, Brad! Seba'stian's back!
Oh, good, good.
Say, it look's like the ho'spital
agreed with you.
So did the nur'se's.
- Hi, Seba'stian.
- Hello. How are you?
III open your trunk
and lay your 'stuff out.
Thank you.
Hey, good to 'see you.
Now maybe III get my five buck's back.
Maybe III borrow five more.
Seba'stian, it 'sure wa'snt the 'same
without you, fella.
Hello. I practi'sed 'somer'sault's
in my bed every day.
But did you do any bed'spring's?
Why i's it whenever he's around
lm all wet?
In more way's than one.
If you should slip and lose your grip
Get up and bounce right back
Act just like a rubber ball...
Look, Holly! Seba'stian!
He 'sure look's good.
- It's been three month's.
- Yeah, that's right. So it i's.
Hello, Seba'stian.
Glad youre out of the ho'spital.
Im 'sorry you werent with me.
The 'show mi's'sed you.
- Seba'stian.
- Holly.
Oh, jiminy cricket's! Oh, go'sh!
Lve never been 'so happy to 'see anyone.
Are you all right again? Really all right?
Let me 'see if it's really you.
It wa's a wonderful ho'spital.
And 'such nur'se's, too.
And we were worried about thi's big lug.
Thi's call's for a celebration.
He came back when he heard
how good you were in the centre ring.
I wa's ju'st keeping it warm for you.
- I do not want it.
- Why not?
- You dont want the centre ring back?
- Why not?
Becau'se I ju'st came back
to collect my thing's.
What for?
- Match?
- No, thank you.
Collect your...
Now I know he's kidding.
No, no.
I dropped over at the Columbia 'show.
Weve been fighting them in every town
'since you left.
I ran into 'somebody over there
I had not 'seen 'since Pari's,
and very charming.
You know how it i's.
The'se thing's happen.
No. What happen's?
You know.
A pearl lo'se's it's lu'ster in time.
Champagne goe's flat, doe'snt it?
Even the blond bubbling kind
goe's flat very quickly.
Well, I will get my gear and rigging.
You dont plan to work for Columbia,
do you?
Let him go, Brad.
He's found 'some more 'stardu'st.
No, he ha'snt.
Chrie, I return you to 'sawdu'st.
Sawdu'st to 'sawdu'st.
You wouldnt work for Columbia.
Youre The Great Seba'stian.
You wouldnt give up the centre ring
for anything or anybody,
unle's's you couldnt hold it.
Youve been lying
ever 'since you came in here.
- Now let's 'see the truth.
- Keep your hand's off...
- You 'should not have done that.
- That's why you wouldnt 'shake hand's.
You werent going to Columbia.
There wa'snt any girl from Pari's.
You ju'st didnt want me to know...
To know what Id done.
No, no, no, chrie.
You have done nothing.
It i's life.
No one i's to blame.
- Cant 'something be done?
- No. They have tried.
May I have my coat, plea'se?
There's a job for you in thi's 'show
a's long a's you want it.
One more cripple hanging on
to the circu's?
Watching other's flying through the air
while I am crawling on the ground?
You are meaning to be kind, bo's's man,
but you and I both know
it i's better that I go.
Dont let him go, Brad!
Holly, he's grounded for good.
Hell go crazy if he 'stay's.
- I did that to him.
- No, he took the chance.
I did it to him,
a's 'surely a's if Id 'shot him.
- You had nothing to do with it.
- Oh, ye's, I did, Brad.
I made him take that net down.
I laughed at him. I razzed him into it.
That's what made him take it down!
You two crazy fool's.
He wa's top's in the air.
Now he's tied to a dead arm
for the re'st of hi's life,
a claw hand.
- It wouldve been kinder if Id killed him.
- Holly, thi's i's circu's.
Brad, you cant reali'se
what it mean's not to go up there again.
Maybe I can.
That's why it's better to let him go.
- Lf he goe's, lm going with him.
- Holly, dont be a fool!
You 'saw the way he hid hi's arm,
'said thing's to make me hate him.
He 'said them
becau'se he didnt want me to know...
To know that Id 'sma'shed him,
'sma'shed hi's whole life.
He didnt want me to know
becau'se he love's me.
And lve got to make it up to him
for what lve done.
All right, you 'sma'shed him.
Do you think 'sma'shing all three of u's
will help him?
You dont need me, Brad.
Youve got what you love.
Youve got the circu's.
But what's he got?
He's got gut's. That guy's tough.
He doe'snt need 'sympathy.
He can take thi's if you leave him alone.
He doe'snt need pity.
Im not going to give him pity.
Im going to try and give him love.
All right.
- What do you want?
- To help you.
I dont want any help.
I dont need any help.
You come here to cry over me,
go 'somewhere el'se. I am packing.
You dont even know
where youre going.
Be'side's, wherever it i's,
what could you do
that you couldnt do here
with me to help you?
What do think you could do for me?
Well, I could fold thi's cape
a little better.
Oh, I 'see. Now lm a cripple.
You would dre's's me, undre's's me,
cut up my food,
wait on me like a little child.
No, thank you.
If you want to be kind, plea'se go.
I want to be with you, wherever you are.
You are lying. You are 'sorry for me.
You want to pay me becau'se
you tea'sed me to cut down the net!
That i'snt true.
You fell in love with me when I wa's
The Great Seba'stian, king in the air,
a fla'sh of lightning in the centre ring.
On the ground,
it i's 'someone el'se you love.
That's all over.
Go back to the bo's's man.
Dont think I am fini'shed
becau'se of thi's.
If I want 'someone, III a'sk her my'self.
Women are no problem for me.
I find them anywhere.
You came back becau'se you love me.
You would like to believe that,
wouldnt you?
It wa's for thi's I came back.
- You did not.
- My rig.
Well, I can 'sell it anyway.
You 'should be dre's'sing for the 'show.
The applau'se, it i's all your's now.
Youve got the centre ring.
I cant take it away from you.
I cant even applaud you properly.
Say anything you like.
Hit me if you want.
- It wont change the way I feel.
- Maybe I would like to hit you for lying.
No one i's to blame but me. I...
- Plea'se, I mu'st hurry.
- Youre not going.
Youre tied to the circu's, and whether
you like it or not, youre tied to me.
You think I would tie you to thi's?
It wa'snt your arm I fell in love with.
Or your hand.
I fell in love with you.
Id give my other arm
if I could believe you.
What doe's a girl have to 'say
to make a blind man 'see?
Say that youll 'stay,
that youll never leave me, ever.
Thi's i's not
becau'se you are 'sorry for me?
You bet your life lm 'sorry for you.
Youre 'stuck with a blonde,
and youll never get away.
Chrie, how I would love you.
Hey, wait for me, Anita!
Step it up kid's, were on.
- I's my hat okay?
- Nobody's gonna 'see you.
Keep your coop to your'self today.
Picnic in the park.
A regal cavalcade
with Queen Marie Antoinette
and her gay court
at the royal hor'se 'show.
youre 'suppo'sed to be a queen.
Youre for the bird's, that's for 'sure.
Giving up your life to Seba'stian
becau'se he's wa'shed up.
Who do you think you are?
Joan of Arc or 'somebody?
What doe's it matter to you what I do?
Go ahead. Play noble. That halo
i's gonna 'slip, 'sugar. It's phoney.
Itll be around your neck.
Where would you wear your's?
Say, why are you 'so 'steamed up
about me and Seba'stian?
I dont care
if you break him up for firewood.
He a'sked for it, playing around with you.
But Brad's on the level.
He didnt have thi's coming to him.
Brad ha'snt got time for love.
- Okay, III take Brad the way he i's.
- That i's, if youre hi's type.
Who are you calling a type?
Maybe I have been over the cour'se
a few too many time's.
But lve got a heart under thi's co'stume
with room in it for one guy.
You bu'sted him apart,
and lm gonna pick up the piece's.
Hell never mi's's you, 'sugar.
Im going to give him
more than you ever could.
Maybe 'so.
Youve had plenty of experience.
Youll never make it.
- Did you 'see him?
- No. Where?
Here's your toothpick!
When the lights go out on this
glittering realm of sawdust and popcorn,
the circus puts off its spangles
and climbs into battle dress
for the nightly combat
with time and distance.
The tear-down is a wild tangle
of man, machine and beast,
an orderly disorder of ropes
and metal poles and steel cable
and tons of heavy canvas.
Yet out of this apparent chaos,
these people bring tomorrows show,
fresh and new and gay and hot,
no matter how tangled
the skein of their own lives may be.
Ruth! Dont eat them new'spaper's!
I told you to leave them lay.
No, no, Ruth, Ruth.
Youll get a tummy ache.
She like's the candy that i's 'stuck to it.
He killed the thing he loved.
Button's, look.
- You 'said that.
- Did I?
Well, dont believe everything you hear.
And only half of what you 'see.
I can believe that.
So you 'see, chrie?
All men are alike except...
I know. Except you.
Come on, let's go down to the car.
No, John North.
Hello, Johnny? It's Brad.
Sure, Johnny, Seba'stian's back.
Yeah, he's 'staying with the 'show.
No, he cant.
Not hi's old act, but he's in the 'show.
Why do you a'sk that?
There's nothing wrong with me.
Bu'sine's's i's holding up fine.
The advance 'sale i's fine.
Everything's fine.
And were a cinch to keep
going the full 'sea'son.
So long, Johnny.
- The full 'sea'son? That's great.
- Yeah.
Arent you in the wrong wagon?
Not the way thi's one look's.
- Dont touch that.
- A bra's's hat.
What's all thi's hou'sekeeping?
Ju'st hou'sekeeping.
Well, go do it 'someplace el'se.
The boy's take care of all thi's.
- You are a 'sourpu's's, arent you?
- Yeah.
- You want to bite 'somebody?
- Yeah.
Well, pick your 'spot.
Need's 'sugar.
I wa'snt 'sure how you liked it. Ill learn.
- Dont bother.
- Sweet?
Oh. Medium.
- What do you think youre doing?
- Packing your pipe.
Well, dont look 'so worried.
You never know what youre gonna
like until you try it.
what do you know?
I u'sed to fill my dad's pipe.
I dont remember 'seeing you before.
You didnt. You only looked at me.
Now, what wa's that name again?
Minnie Mou'se.
Even elephant's are afraid of me.
Theyre 'smart animal's.
Women are poi'son.
But it's a wonderful death.
Im not dangerou's. Hone'st.
I ju'st think a guy in trouble
feel's better if...
Well, if there's a woman around.
Ju'st 'someone to get mad at.
- Well, dont you want 'some coffee?
- Sure, 'sugar.
That's what I came for.
You know,
I never knew a woman could fill a pipe.
Head's up! Big wagon coming through!
Hello, 'sucker.
How long you gonna take it?
- Pretty picture, aint it?
- Shut up.
Angel like's that guy.
Becau'se he can give her pre'sent's.
He's got the dough, 'so he get's the girl.
What i's mine I keep.
Not without dough. But we can get it.
Get it where itll hurt, too.
Get with it.
Youve got four and a half minute's.
Brad, you better watch Angel tonight.
The grapevine 'say's 'she's in for trouble.
Klau's, the greate'st elephant trainer
in the world,
pre'sent's hi's marvellou's
ma'stodonic mammal's,
gracefully ridden
by 20 'sultry 'siren's from the Ea'st,
'starring Angel, the 'sultan's favourite.
Butter-coated popcorn.
Get your popcorn here.
- Hey, one.
- You want 'some?
Thank you.
Steady. Steady.
Steady. All right.
Foot. Foot.
Foot. Foot.
Foot. Foot.
Steady. Come down.
I wouldnt do that for a million dollar's.
Minyak, 'see how
our angel's eye's 'shine today.
She ha's found a new love.
Quit clowning, 'sugar.
For thi's I dont get paid by the hour.
- Let's get on with the number, huh?
- Oh, you want to hurry back to the bo's's.
Maybe he ha's a pre'sent.
He like's that funny face, huh?
Tell me, would he 'still like it
if Minyak lean's a little bit?
Klau's, are you nut's? Let me up.
- Up, Minyak! Up!
- Steady.
Be careful. You make Minyak nervou's.
Now your eye's 'shine for me, too,
becau'se you have fear in your lovely,
lying little heart.
I's 'she all right?
Steady, Minyak.
I's your foot getting tired?
You want to put it down?
No, my 'sweet.
You will never go to any other man.
Foot, Minyak. Foot, foot.
- You all right?
- That wa's clo'se to the finale.
- Augie.
- Thi's i's my act.
Get your thing's and get off the lot.
Augie, take over.
- Can you fini'sh?
- Sure. I can do anything for you.
Fre'sh popcorn.
- You fire me becau'se...
- Becau'se youre a jealou's fool.
Now get out of here before
I have you up for attempted murder.
Buy a circu's 'souvenir.
Take home a balloon for the...
Would you like a balloon? Good.
Life ha's made me a clown.
Itll have to make you
a better bu'sine's'sman.
Thank you.
Hey, little one. You are tickling me.
You can feel that?
He's trying to be friendly,
to cheer me up.
Come on, Seba'stian.
Dont block the entrance.
Get with it, Button's.
All right, boy's, let them roll.
One buck get's you fifty.
- My dice. Ill bet $3.00.
- Okay, $3.00. Let the dice roll.
Six. Your point.
Harry. What we 'said, III do it.
So you finally got wi'se, huh?
I got it all figured. It's a cinch.
- Tonight.
- Sure. Havent you heard?
Were giving a party
in the red pay wagon.
Seven. A lo'ser. Sorry, friend's.
No winner's. That's all.
- Hey, wait a minute.
- I 'said that's all.
A fine game you got here.
You dont even get a chance
to get your dough back.
- Everything all right in there, Curly?
- Okay.
But next year,
let's carry the ca'sh in the gorilla cage.
It's air-conditioned.
Well, dont let it 'sit here and get ru'sty.
- Take it away.
- Right.
Mr Braden?
That's right.
Trea'sury. Special inve'stigation's.
What can I do for you?
You carry a doctor with thi's 'show?
You u'sually find him in the privilege car.
Doe's he look anything like thi's?
You 'sure?
Ten year's can make quite a difference.
What's he wanted for?
Murder. It's an odd ca'se.
A young doctor killed hi's wife.
She wa's dying anyway.
What will he get?
Lm a policeman, not a judge.
- Why pick on u's?
- Ju'st a hunch.
He wa's alway's cha'sing circu'se's
a's a kid.
You wont 'see that face around here.
Probably not.
Anyway, lve arranged to fingerprint
'some of your people in Cedar City.
Do you mind if I ride along with you?
No. The head porter will fix you up
with a berth.
Thank you.
About here. Thatll 'stop the red wagon
back at the road.
Come on. Snap it up.
Fir'st 'section will be along pretty 'soon.
Come on. Come on.
- Say, Button's...
- Here you are, Brad.
- I got the next one.
- Thank's.
Youre alway's around
when there's trouble.
Youre pretty hard to find
when the new's i's good.
I got tied up
with a cop who's riding with u's.
He's looking for 'someone.
Anything 'seriou's?
He u'sed to be a doctor.
You find the darnede'st people
around a circu's, dont you?
What wa's thi's good new's?
I could u'se 'some.
Good new's?
Seba'stian, there.
He's got feeling in that hand.
Ye's, and if there's 'still feeling,
complete recovery i's very po's'sible.
I's that a profe's'sional opinion?
That's a clown's opinion.
Why dont you rile him up a little?
Might get your flyer back.
Yeah, III do that.
By the way, theyre going to take
'some fingerprint's when we get in.
Ill get revenge tomorrow night.
Alway's lm lucky at card's.
You 'sure it's luck?
You think I cheat maybe?
Why not? Youve done it before.
- I do not like thi's joke.
- It's no joke.
- Steady.
- Wait a minute.
Well, he u'sed hi's bum arm
to get Holly, didnt he?
You know you lie.
Youve got it all figured to get your'self
a meal ticket for life, havent you?
Latching onto her.
You moved it.
- He 'sure did.
- You bet he did.
That's why you 'say the'se thing's.
How about it, Doc?
Will he be able to u'se it?
- It certainly did move.
- Of cour'se he did, Doc.
You know, that 'should get well.
I believe that with p'sycho'somatic
treatment, that thi's might be...
You did thi's for me?
For you?
I wouldnt give you 'storage 'space.
But youre a good flyer.
The 'show need's you.
Now, keep working on it.
You crazy, wonderful fool.
You know that with my wing's clipped,
I would never marry Holly.
Yet you rai'se me into the air again.
Becau'se you are circu's.
I mu'st tell Holly.
Maybe we name
our fir'st baby Bo's'sman.
Good work, Brad.
Hey, Doc,
what i's thi's p'sycho whatchamacallit?
Wait till the engine's pa's'sed.
Unlock the door and dont try anything.
Pa's's it down.
Can you 'see the trouble?
Cant 'see nothing ahead.
Get going. We gotta burn rubber.
- What's that?
- Second 'section.
Get out of here. Thi's i's the girl's car.
Men are not allowed in here.
Whod you come to 'see?
What did you do, boy 'scout,
lo'se your compa's's?
Well, what are you doing
in no man's land?
Angel, you are going
to be a bride'smaid.
- Who's getting married?
- You are, my darling.
Angel. She's on that train.
So what? We got the dough.
Let's get out of here.
The light's.
I mu'st turn the light's back on the track.
You crazy lunkhead.
Give me that wheel.
Were going to turn the light's
on the track.
The train! Stop the train!
Stop the train!
Stop! Cant you 'see the light's? Stop!
Fir'st 'section! Hold it!
Hurry. Angel's caught under here.
Doc? Where are you, Doc?
Bob. Bob, where's the doc?
How do I know?
- Help me.
- Sure, Bill, where are you?
Over here. Help me.
Okay, hold on. Ill get you out.
My leg's are all numb.
I cant feel anything.
- You all right, Brad?
- Yeah, lm fine.
Break out 'some fu'see's, Blackie.
Get the road torche's going.
We need 'some light.
If Hank's on hi's feet,
have him make torche's
out of the wa'ste from the journal boxe's.
We got to get 'some light here.
Get thi's 'stuff off me. Come on.
How you doing in there, Bob?
Not 'so hot.
That's a new way
to get thrown out of bed.
EI'sie, Jeanne. Where are you?
You all right?
- Some of the'se kid's are hurt.
- Ill get the doctor.
No, no, down there.
Through the window.
Rip that 'sheet. Make 'some bandage's.
Holy mackerel!
Get back in there, you little devil's.
Rajah, Rajah! Get back!
Get back in there!
No, you dont. Back.
Come on with tho'se pole's.
Get 'some welding torche's.
Get in there.
No place like home, Nero.
Here's another torch.
Put a blanket over the gla's's.
You can tell that thi's aint the pay line.
You want water, you can get it here.
Bu'sted water line.
It's pretty bad in there.
Where's the doctor?
He wa's in the privilege car when we hit.
I can hear them.
Theyre around here 'somewhere.
Come on, boy's. Get me out of thi's junk.
Hey, Mike, get 'some men
and round up the cat's
before they 'smell blood.
Right, Mr Braden.
Somebody check the gorilla cage.
The gla's's will be broken. Board it up.
- Okay, bo's's.
- Keep tho'se babie's warm.
How many killed, Jack?
Dont know yet.
- I's that the doctor?
- Yeah. He's out cold.
I's that the doctor?
Well, weve got to get
'some doctor's here.
- Stu?
- Ye's.
Check the walkie-talkie in my jeep.
See if it's okay.
Sure, Brad.
Come on, boy's.
Get thi's 'stuff off me, cant you?
Hello, Angel.
What's the 'score in your car?
It's turned over. A lot of the girl's...
Brad, youre bleeding.
No dice, Brad. We gotta rig 'something.
I know the rig to get.
Tell them to get out the work bull's.
Well need them.
Come on.
Watch out, watch out.
Dont let him into the car.
He's coming back.
There he goe's!
Dont worry, Minnie.
Youll be walking on your hand's
in a week.
Well, my teeth are okay.
Bite off a Band-Aid.
Minnie's got a broken arm.
Hold 'still. Let her lean again'st you.
- Hurry up with that fir'st aid kit.
- Here.
Give me the 'stick.
Come on, Minyak. Come on!
Come on, Minyak!
Minyak, thi's way.
Get the wagon's down to the highway.
Everyone on the road.
You cant move the circu's, Brad.
Thi's wreck's 'scattered over five acre's.
Half the animal's are loo'se.
And were rolling into Cedar City.
Broken pole's
and canva's cut to ribbon's?
Then well 'sidewall, play without a tent.
All right, take the 'strain on that pry.
Come on. Get with it.
Ea'sy, now.
I wi'sh I could do thi's like Button's did it.
He did a...
Say, where i's Button's?
Bring that fir'st-aid kit over, plea'se.
I 'send her for a doctor
and 'she come's back with an elephant.
Youd better leave the little pixie
to Phylli's
if you want to 'say goodbye
to our boyfriend.
- Come on.
- Goodbye to our...
Here. Fini'sh Minnie's arm.
The rail wont move.
Hook it on a cage.
Take it away.
No, that's no good, man.
Youll pull our whole car over.
Brad. I didnt know.
Im glad youre okay, pigeon.
We may mi's's the matinee,
but well make the night 'show.
Oh, Brad.
- Get that block out of the way.
- Here, III take it.
All right, Minyak, come on, pick it up.
Pick it up. Okay. Here we go.
Stand it on it's 'side.
Come on. Pick it up. Up.
All right, let's take him over here.
Well put it over there.
Brad, youre bleeding like a 'stuck fi'sh.
- Birdie!
- Ea'sy now.
Birdie, hurry with that fir'st-aid kit!
Give me 'something to put on it.
Here. Here, Brad.
Birdie! Hurry!
Thank you, 'sugar. Thank you.
Birdie. Birdie, come on!
Dont move like a 'snail!
Birdie, get the gauze.
Well make a compre's'sion bandage,
pack it in.
More of it. More of it.
What are you doing here, Birdie?
- Here.
- Go 'see what's left of your co'stume's.
We cant give a 'show without wardrobe.
Well give a 'show, bo's's,
if I have to put them in hor'se blanket's.
Here, hold.
Hank, any hor'se's hurt?
The hor'se's are okay, Brad,
but youre not.
Im all right.
Ive 'seen all kind's of accident's
on the lot, Holly.
That's an artery.
Every time hi's heart beat's,
it pump's blood out of him.
What are we going to do? The doctor's...
Hell bleed to death
if we dont get 'someone to him.
- I know 'someone.
- Good.
- Have you 'seen Button's?
- No.
Birdie! Birdie, have you 'seen Button's?
He ju'st went by.
Get the Zoppe's co'stume's next.
- Button's!
- All right, throw them down!
Button's! Button's! Button's.
Brad's hurt. He's bleeding.
They cant 'stop it.
Well, get the doctor working on him,
Holly. I gotta go.
The doctor's knocked out.
He wa's in the 'same car.
Button's, that new'spaper about the
doctor who killed the girl he loved...
Yeah, well, Brad told me 'something
about a detective
being on the train looking for that fellow.
Look, I dont know if youre the man
theyre looking for,
- but if you are, you can 'save Brad.
- No.
Remember you told me once
about killing the thing you loved?
Well, maybe you killed 'someone
becau'se you loved her 'so much.
If you are him,
you could 'save 'someone I love.
Oh, Button's. Ive alway's loved him.
Plea'se, plea'se dont let him die,
if you are the man.
Are you, Button's?
Yeah, lm the man, Holly.
Come on. Let's go.
See if they can 'set up a cook tent.
Everyone could u'se 'some coffee.
Okay, Brad.
Find out what performer's are hurt.
Let me know what act's we cant u'se.
Lie 'still, Brad.
Here's the doctor's bag. I found it.
Fine, fine.
Get 'something to put it on, will you?
Weve got to get the big top rigged
'somehow and put on a performance.
Lie 'still, will you?
Youll fini'sh thi's performance
under God's big top.
If that detective 'see's you doing thi's,
he wont need fingerprint's.
Well, the circu's need's a bo's's right now.
Be'side's, I kind of like you.
Brad, plea'se do what Button's 'say's,
for me.
What are you trying to do,
make my la'st moment's happy?
I's that you, Chuck?
Chuck, how many 'seed wagon's
are okay?
- About half.
- Set them up.
U'se plank's for what's mi's'sing.
You have got 'sawdu'st in your vein's.
You cant even die decently.
Take it ea'sy, Holly.
Thi's i'snt 'sawdu'st he's bleeding.
Youre gonna have to have
a blood tran'sfu'sion right quick.
You were in the army, Brad.
What's your blood type?
- AB.
- AB.
Which Rh?
- Negative.
- Negative? Are you 'sure?
Yeah, lm 'sure.
Were out of luck, Button's.
- What doe's that mean?
- Well, it's hard to find.
There mu'st be a blood bank
in Cedar City.
We dont have any time for that.
Now, look, 'some of you go out and 'see
if you can find 'somebody
that ha's AB blood.
- There mu'st be 'somebody in thi's 'show.
- There i's 'someone.
Me. I have it.
- Seba'stian.
- Not him.
Youre not gonna put
that guy's blood in me.
You dont have enough blood in you now
to quibble about it.
Sit down here. Roll up your left 'sleeve.
Get hi's wri'stwatch off.
- All right.
- I think I can rig it with thi's.
Button's, find 'somebody el'se.
Youll be dead in 20 minute's
without him.
Here, 'soak thi's in alcohol.
All right, but ju'st take enough
till you can get 'some other guy.
It hurt's me a's much a's it doe's you,
but noble's'se oblige.
You ought to be grateful.
Grateful? To him?
Lve had nothing but trouble
ever 'since you joined the 'show.
They warned me about you,
but I had to find out the hard way.
Big 'stuff in the air.
Up'setting the whole circu's,
chopping down your net.
Now you want to be a hero, 'save my life.
I dont want any part of you.
I do not want to give you my good blood,
but what it will do for you...
Ha'snt done much for you.
If he 'should make love well after thi's,
pay no attention. It will be me.
- I cant 'see. Give me the light over here.
- Ill take it.
Go ahead, Doctor.
Ye's. Take all you want.
It will make of him a better man.
He will have more fire,
more of what women love.
They may even want to marry you.
And each time you look at
one of your children, bo's's man,
you will 'see me.
If any kid of mine ever...
- Brad.
- Yeah?
It's the end of the line. Were licked.
We aint got no big top,
and our lighting's all 'shot.
- Im not quitting. Well give a 'show.
- Brad, take it ea'sy, will you?
- Where's my hat?
- Button's.
- Give me that 'stetho'scope.
- What i's it, Button's?
Put the ear tip's in my ear's.
Keep count
of the'se plunger 'stroke's here.
Now put that over hi's heart.
A little lower. A little lower. Right there.
Hi's heart's going 'so fa'st,
I can hardly count.
- It mu'st be over 130.
- 130...
Well, I gue's's that's it.
- Ill get word out were cancelling.
- No, were not.
We couldnt even get into town
on a junk wagon.
- Well bring the town out here.
- Five.
Sell ticket's to 'see the wreck?
- That's not a bad idea.
- Are you nut's?
Maybe. Well get the crowd out here
if we have to drag them by the hair.
If youre putting on thi's act for Brad,
he cant hear you.
- What's the matter with...
- Now 'stop 'shaking the 'stand
or hell never hear anybody.
What's the matter with all of you?
Brad 'said wed give a 'show,
and were going to give it.
We got no big top.
Well 'sidewall it, 'set up in the open.
- Where?
- Over there. It's an open field.
I got you, birdbrain. You 'struck oil.
Jack, get everything together
that can walk, crawl, or run,
float's, midget's, clown's,
anything that can 'stand.
Tell them it's cherry pie.
Hank, fix up everything on wheel's.
If the hor'se's cant pull them, we can.
Youre doing fine, Doc.
- Hurry up, do what I 'said.
- Come on, Bob.
Fred, tell Lloyd to 'stake out.
- What about the big top?
- Dont argue with me.
Emmett. Emmett, patch up
the clown's for a parade.
- Parade?
- Ye's, parade.
- Hey, are you kidding?
- No, lm not kidding.
Rig my trapeze in a wagon.
Gertrude. Gertrude, help Birdie
with the wardrobe. Hurry.
Dave. Dave, find Merle.
Tell him to get the band together.
If the in'strument's are bu'sted,
tell him they can 'sing.
Here. Never mind the wreck.
Get the 'show rolling. Hurry.
- I can beat a drum, even with one hand.
- Not until lm through with you.
Youre doing all right
where you are, 'sugar.
What are you doing?
Will you two 'stop it? Youll kill thi's man.
So long, Brad.
Ill bring all the elephant's that can walk,
and the one's that cant, III carry.
You keep him going, Button's.
Well roll the 'show.
God ble's's you.
which one are you trying
to 'save him for?
Scars covered by grease paint,
bandages hidden by funny wigs,
the spangled pied piper limps into town.
Come on, folk's,
tie your'self to a balloon!
Float out and 'see the circu's!
Come on, come on! Follow u's!
Come to the circu's!
Thi's i's the fir'st time
lve been alone with you
'since that wonderful night
in Pari's, and I love it.
Look, 'sugar,
I love you becau'se youre Rh negative.
Not to you, chrie.
- Come on!
- Come on!
Weve got them, Merle.
Theyre coming with u's.
Hit the circu's 'song.
Come to the circus
The greatest show on earth
Come to the circus
See the circus
If were not very careful
Life can overwork us
So take today
And make it gay
For there are too many
tears along the way
So come to the circus
lts circus day today
Come see the barkers
And the gawkers
The bareback riders
And the fearless tightrope walkers
The cuddly bears do their routine
The greatest extravaganza
The world has ever seen
The big calliope will play
And 50 pachyderms will play
Youll see a hawker dressed in grey
Peanuts, popcorn and lemonade
The human cannonball will zoom
As trumpets blare
and bass drums boom
To entertain your mom and pop
As we go under the great big top
Working on the rig.
Get them ready for the 'show.
I's that The Flying Comet's rig?
Weve only got four pole's.
Rig it over ring three.
- Hey, Ru's's.
- Ye's, bo's's?
Have Whitey climb up
and 'see if theyre in 'sight yet.
- How do you feel?
- Never mind that. Ju'st take off.
- And 'see if the menagerie...
- Brad, Brad, take it ea'sy.
Doc, maybe you can keep him quiet.
I give up.
You did a great job, Button's.
A great job.
Thank you, Doc. It's my la'st.
Look's like you ran into a little trouble.
If I were in the junk bu'sine's's,
I might make you an offer.
Vulture's even follow train wreck's.
- youre all wa'shed up.
- Well give a 'show.
Without an audience?
Hey, you hear that?
Brad? You hear it?
The pied piper.
What's that?
That's a ratcatcher, Mr Hender'son.
You know, great rat's, 'small rat's,
lean rat's, 'scrawny rat's,
brown rat's, black rat's,
grey rat's, tawny rat's.
They made it. Li'sten to that band.
Hey, Whitey, can you 'see them yet?
I 'see them, Brad!
Wow! Look at them come!
They got the whole town with them!
Thank God.
Think III go have a look.
Ill 'say thi's much for you, Braden.
Youre good circu's.
Ill wait till youre back
on your feet again,
then III knock you off them for good.
Why dont you 'stay and 'see
the 'show, Hender'son?
Therell be 'standing room.
Im 'sorry, Doc.
I couldnt take a chance
with that crowd coming.
Yeah, yeah. I know.
Id kind of like to 'shake
your hand before...
Youre all right.
What can a man 'say?
Well, take care of your'self, Brad.
Tell Holly lm going to keep that date
with that girl 'she know's about.
Where's my hat?
Here's a pre'sent for you.
Come on, Squeaker.
Do you want a bite
of my candy bar, Button's?
No, thank's, honey. Im not very hungry.
Squeaker like's candy, dont you?
- Ill tell you, why dont you take him?
- Dont you want him?
Yeah, I want him,
but I cant take him where lm going.
Here. Dont feed him too much popcorn
or hell pop.
- Well, keep the 'show rolling, Brad.
- Hey, Button's, what's thi's...
And why dont you tell Holly
Brad want's to 'see her?
Come on. Let's go.
- You kid's want popcorn?
- Yeah!
Merle, 'spot the band
between tho'se 'seat wagon's.
We got the web's rigged
to the 'star boom, Holly.
Keep them out of the way
of the Alzana wire.
Antoinette, take your web girl's
up to the big pole.
Lou, you work the centre ring
with Loni and The Chaludi's.
Honey, u'se my trapeze.
Your's i's bu'sted.
Give them a hula bubble bath, Phylli's.
Ye's. In the elephant tub.
Hey, Ru'sty. Follow captain high.
Right, Seba'stian.
Well, what happened to you, 'sugar?
You mu'st have gotten
'some of Brad's blood.
You walking people,
get back by the bubble float.
Holly, Brad wants you!
Okay. Coffee, everybody,
after the 'spec at the grea'se joint.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we bring you a new innovation.
The greatest assembly
of artists in the world
will entertain you under the blue canopy
of the open sky.
Golly, Brad, you 'sure look better
than when I 'saw you la'st.
- Yeah, 'sure, but...
- No, no! Put The Idnavie's in the centre!
Brad, what I 'said la'st night. Im 'sorry.
I didnt mean it.
- Well, lm not. Li'sten...
- Brad, arent you proud of me?
You 'should have 'seen u's.
We panicked them.
Were not gonna have enough 'seat's
out there to hold them.
I nearly folded la'st night.
It made me 'see what lve been mi's'sing.
You know what lm gonna do?
Were gonna parade around the track...
Would you li'sten to what lm trying
to tell you? I love you.
- I know, but were ready to 'start.
- Holly...
After the 'show, huh, Brad?
Juda's prie'st!
You got nothing but 'sawdu'st
in your vein's!
Children of all ages,
the big show is about to commence.
Well, look's like were out in the cold.
Perhap's we 'should keep
each other warm, huh?
Li'sten, 'sugar, the only way
you can keep me warm
i's to wrap me up in a marriage licence.
Why not?
That would be 'something new.
Roll it, Merle!
Plenty of bra's's and make it loud!
Come to the circus
Come on along and see
Hooray for lions
And the camels
Youll have fun
And look at all the other mammals
Come see the clowns
Who play their part
Theyll wear a smile
that hides a broken heart
The circus show shall be
The Bengal tiger
And the lion
The trapeze artist does a leap
Thats death-defyin
A land of mirth
Your moneys worth
Come on along to the circus
The greatest show on earth
Thats all, ladies and gentlemen.
Thats all.
Come again
to the greatest show on earth.
Bring the children. Bring the old folks.
You can shake the sawdust
off your feet,
but you cant shake it out of your heart.
Come again, folks.
The greatest show on earth!
Come again.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:53 pm 

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James sometimes you're too concise :)

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 5:47 pm 
El Cid
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I have recently read in an old 1953 newspaper that Heston turned down the role of a circus manager in another circus movie straight after making THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH because he didn't want to be typecast. I wonder what that movie was?

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Damned Dirty Admin
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I wonder how many circus movies were made during that time? Being typecase as a circus manager would be quite a feat! :D

You know, McKay, you're a bigger fool than I thought you were. And to tell you the truth, that just didn't seem possible.

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There wasn't many Thorn.

3 RING CIRCUS, a Martin and Lewis comedy for Paramount seems the likeliest one. Other circus movies made in 1953 were CARNIVAL STORY and MAN ON A TIGHTROPE.

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I really like this review from the comments section on IMDb.

My opinion after seeing this film for the first time

by crm22 » Fri Apr 11 2014

So, I finally sat down to watch it, and had low expectations, hearing that this is presumably the worst Best Picture of all.

I found it enjoyable. Was it better than High Noon? Definitely not, but it was sublimely entertaining. And the story was far better than I expected it to be. The love pentagon was extremely well written, and I believed the motivations of all the characters involved. I LOVED the interactions between Brad and Sebastian. Very business-like, but with an undercurrent of jealousy and rivalry over Holly. Angel and Holly's fighting was also supremely written. I adored Gloria Grahame in this film.

Can we please talk about the acting? In my opinion (and bear in mind, I've seen most of Heston's films), this was one of Charlton Heston's best performances. Minimal scene-chewing that he is known for, and I've never seen him give a more subtle performance. The interactions between him and Sebastian that I mentioned? They fall apart without Heston's subtle actions. A smirk here, an eye roll there, a derisive snort, etc. Cornel Wilde could have been so sleazy and unlikable, but I liked him despite rooting for Holly/Brad. Angel's motivations could have been so unbelievable if Grahame hadn't played it how she did. Same goes for Holly and Klaus. And Jimmy Stewart? Forget it. How he didn't get a nomination for Supporting Actor is beyond me.

Tarantino said you can say whatever you want to about the Deer Hunter, but when it comes to the Russian roulette sequences, you have to just shut up because they were some of the best scenes ever directed. I felt the same way about the train wreck. If nothing else, that was absolutely a magnificent piece of filmmaking. And the way they reacted to it? "The show must go on." LOVE it!

I haven't seen or heard of many circus films, but this would be a hard one to beat for me. It's actually now one of my favorite films about show business in general, just for the fact that they do everything a normal show does, but they have hundreds of death-defying and crazy acts, and after every show, they all team up to pack up, move to a different town, and do it all over again.

My final review is that this was very entertaining. If I was in the Academy in 1953, I would still vote for High Noon, but I wouldn't have gone crazy when this won.

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El Cid
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Read this piece of foul-mouthed trash by a moronic "reviewer," it will make your blood boil. ... ow-on.html

Sh!#ting on the Classics: The Greatest Show on Earth

Awhile back, Patrick and I devoted an entire podcast to Plan 9 From Outer Space. Many people feel that Plan 9 is the worst film ever made, and we took issue with this contention. I believe that I have found what is REALLY the worst movie ever made.

Hear that, children? It is the sound of a murderous clown!

The Greatest Show on Earth is not “good bad.” It is not “funny bad.” It is not cheezy enough to be camp. It is simply unwatchable. It is 143 minutes of blather, the filmic equivalent of chewing gum or cotton candy. This thing features a ludicrous plot, idiotic dialogue, wooden acting, non-existent editing, and a use of superfluous circus “stock footage” that has me questioning director and producer Cecil B DeMille’s sanity.

THE PLOT IN BRIEF: A circus is in financial trouble and may not be able to finish the season. Manager Brad (Charlton Heston) does everything he can to save the show. He loves the circus! Holly (Betty Hutton), a daredevil trapeze artist, is in love with Manager Brad. Manager Brad hires another trapeze artist, The Great Sebastian (Cornel Wilde), to perform in his circus. A rivalry develops between Holly and Sebastian; they keep trying to outdo each other’s stunts. Buttons the Clown (Jimmy Stewart) is really a former doctor and escaped killer, hiding in the circus under his greasepaint. Sebastian is crippled when a daring trapeze stunt goes horribly wrong. The Circus Train crashes when an attempt to rob it goes horribly wrong. Manager Brad is gravely injured. Buttons the Clown saves Manager Brad’s life, but goes to jail, exposed as the fugitive doctor/killer. The movie, mercifully, finally ends.

Here is the thing you need to know about “Buttons the Clown.” The Jimmy Stewart character never removes his clown makeup, not ever, not backstage, not on days off, not even when the circus is holed up in its “winter quarters” for months at a time. NO ONE in the film ever comments on this. The audience is supposed to accept this as some sort of charming, personal quirk. In reality, it is crazy and more than a little creepy. “Oh boy! Here comes Buttons, the clown who never takes off his makeup! And has a bag of scalpels.”

The filmmakers cast Jimmy Stewart, so at least the clown/doctor/murderer is charming and sympathetic. Also, Jimmy Stewart is one of the few people on the planet who, even in full clown makeup, looks exactly like Jimmy Stewart.

Like other Cecil B. DeMille films, this one features incessant, unnecessary, purple narration delivered by Cecil B. DeMille’s favorite voiceover artist, Cecil B. DeMille. Here is a sample from the beginning of the film:

We bring you the circus, pied piper whose magic tunes greet children of all ages, from six to 60, into a tinsel and spun-candy world of reckless beauty and mounting laughter and whirling thrills; of rhythm, excitement and grace; of blaring and daring and dance; of high-stepping horses and high-flying stars. But behind all this, the circus is a massive machine whose very life depends on discipline and motion and speed. A mechanized army on wheels, that rolls over any obstacle in its path… that meets calamity again and again, but always comes up smiling. A place where disaster and tragedy stalk the big top, haunt the backyard, and ride the circus train. Where death is constantly watching for one frayed rope, one weak link, or one trace of fear. A fierce, primitive fighting force that smashes relentlessly forward against impossible odds. That is the circus. And this is the story of the biggest of the big tops, and of the men and women who fight to make it "The Greatest Show on Earth."

Okay, it is over. You can wake up now! What kept ME awake was the bit about disaster and tragedy haunting the backyard. I do not want disaster and tragedy haunting the backyard! That is where I entertain in the summer.

All of the dialogue in this film sounds like silent movie title cards read aloud:

“You’re buying trouble, Johnny.”

“It wasn’t your arm I fell in love with… I fell in love with you!”

“Listen, sugar, the only way that you can keep me warm is to wrap me up in a marriage license.”

The characters talk about having “sawdust in their veins” so many goddamn times I wanted to rip one of them open with a steak knife just to see for myself.

There is also Charlton Heston’s odd and stilted acting style. Whether he is a Mexican police detective in Touch of Evil, the title character in Ben-Hur, or the last hope of humanity in Planet of the Apes, Heston always plays Heston, the cocksure alpha male with the curiously skewed speech patterns.

The Greatest Show on Earth was one of Heston’s first big roles. Some early audiences thought he was a real circus insider cast in this fictional film and commented on how well he did opposite big stars. Heston always considered that a great compliment. Dude, they thought you were an amateur!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Apparently, Cornel Wilde and Betty Hutton did their own stunts as daredevil trapeze artists. One must admire their commitment, but I wish they could have been photographed in a more flattering way, edited in a more exciting way, and placed into a better movie. Their endless trapeze “fight” is at least 15 minutes long but feels like 45.

At another point the film stops dead for an interminable parade sequence. Good God, it is twelve fucking minutes long. Given that this parade contains hundreds more people than we see actually working the circus during the narrative scenes, I have to assume that DeMille took the “best parts” of many circus parades and cut them all together.

To add to the ordeal, endless circus act montages constantly interrupt this turgid melodrama. It took me a little while to figure out why the circus acts were so damn stultifying on the screen: they are all photographed from one unchanging angle, with no camera movement or editing to allay the tedium. It is as if DeMille decided to pad his 20 minutes of crappy, romantic hooey with two full hours of boring circus footage. He simply took a Technicolor camera to a real circus, locked it down tight, photographed two hours of colorful b-roll and then spliced it into this so-called epic without purpose or intent.

Have I mentioned this fucking thing also contains FIVE musical numbers?

What other film ever made stops dead NINETY MINUTES INTO ITS RUNNING TIME for a 10 minute montage of nonessential filler that features none of the leads? People upbraid Ed Wood for the overuse of stock footage in his ridiculous films. DeMille goes Wood one better, shooting all of his stock footage HIMSELF. This film is so long, I dare my readers to make it through the trailer:

Given the film’s overly padded running time, the film’s single famous scene is actually quite short. The Circus Train Crash Sequence is celebrated for its spectacle, but is barely two minutes long. It is also not very impressive anymore, due to its obvious reliance on miniature models. Really, I kept waiting for Godzilla to show up and give the derailed circus train a good stomping.

FULL DISCLUSURE: I did kind of like when Charlton Heston takes a minor bad guy and literally throws him into a pool of horseshit. In case any viewers cannot recognize horseshit (and if they have made it this far into the movie without leaving, maybe they cannot), we hear a horse loudly whinny offscreen just as the bad guy lands. Ah, it was a simpler time. I would like to throw The Greatest Show on Earth into that same pool.

AND HERE IS THE KICKER: The Greatest Show on Earth was the Academy Award Winner for Best Picture in 1952. It also won the Oscar for Best Screenplay.

(A horse loudly whinnies offscreen)

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Sorry, but I stopped after them claiming this is the worst movie ever made. A movie starring Charlton Heston and James Stewart can never be labeled as bad, let alone worst movie of all time.

You know, McKay, you're a bigger fool than I thought you were. And to tell you the truth, that just didn't seem possible.

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Has anyone here read Scott Eyman's biography of director Cecil B. DeMille "Empire of Dreams"? I just started reading it. Not far along yet but it's shaping up to be an interesting read.

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