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 Post subject: Re: Bit Players from the Ten Commandments
PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:53 pm 
El Cid
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Joined: Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:11 pm
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Here is a site that shows photos of the bit players. Click onto "film" and scroll down to find THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.[Film]%20The%20Ten%20Commandments%20(1956).htm

I am surprised that the 'unnamed extras' section missed the names of these-
1. Fraser Heston
2. Clint Walker
16. Esther Brown
24. John Carradine
37. Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer
50. Woody Strode

Charlton Heston ... Moses
Yul Brynner ... Rameses
Anne Baxter ... Nefretiri
Edward G. Robinson ... Dathan
Yvonne De Carlo ... Sephora
Debra Paget ... Lilia
John Derek ... Joshua
Cedric Hardwicke ... Sethi
Nina Foch ... Bithiah
Martha Scott ... Yochabel
Judith Anderson ... Memnet
Vincent Price ... Baka
John Carradine ... Aaron
Olive Deering ... Miriam
Douglass Dumbrille ... Jannes
Frank DeKova ... Abiram
Henry Wilcoxon ... Pentaur
Eduard Franz ... Jethro
Donald Curtis ... Mered
Lawrence Dobkin ... Hur Ben Caleb
H.B. Warner ... Amminadab
Julia Faye ... Elisheba
Lisa Mitchell ... Jethro's Daughter
Noelle Williams ... Jethro's Daughter
Joanna Merlin ... Jethro's Daughter
Pat Richard ... Jethro's Daughter
Joyce Vanderveen ... Jethro's Daughter
Diane Hall ... Jethro's Daughter
Abbas El Boughdadly ... Rameses' Charioteer
Fraser Clarke Heston ... The Infant Moses
John Miljan ... The Blind One
Francis McDonald ... Simon
Ian Keith ... Rameses I
Paul De Rolf ... Eleazar
Woody Strode ... King of Ethiopia
Tommy Duran ... Gershom
Eugene Mazzola ... Rameses' Son
Ramsay Hill ... Korah
Joan Woodbury ... Korah's Wife
Esther Brown ... Princess Tharbis
Rushdy Abaza ... (as Rushti Abaza)
Dorothy Adams ... Slave Woman / Hebrew at Golden Calf / Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
Eric Alden ... High Ranking Officer / Taskmaster / Slave / Officer
E.J. André ... Sheik of Hazerath
Babette Bain ... Little Miriam
Baynes Barron ... Taskmaster
Kay Bell ... Taskmaster / Red-Bearded Slave
Mary Benoit ... Guardian of the Prince / Court Woman / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Mother
Henry Brandon ... Commander of the Hosts
Robert Carson ... Eleazar as an Adult
Bobby Clark ... Little Boy in Exodus
Rus Conklin ... Whip-Scarred Brick-Carrier / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent
Mike (Touch) Connors ... Amalekite Herder
Henry Corden ... Sheik of Sinai
Edna Mae Cooper ... Woman of the Court
Kem Dibbs ... Corporal
Maude Fealy ... Slave Woman / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor
Mimi Gibson ... Little Egyptian Girl
Diane Gump ... Slave
Nancy Hale ... Court Lady in Pool
June Jocelyn ... Court Lady / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent / Wife of Overseer
Richard Kean ... Old Hebrew at Moses' House / Hebrew Toward Corridor
Gail Kobe ... Pretty Slave Girl
Fred Kohler Jr. ... Foreman
Kenneth MacDonald ... Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Slave
Peter Mamakos ... Chief Driver
Irene Martin ... Tuya
George Melford ... Hebrew at Golden Calf / Nobleman
John Merton ... Architect's Assistant
Amena Mohamed ... Architect's Assistant
Paula Morgan ... Hebrew Woman / Slave Woman
Dorothy Neumann ... Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Slave / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent
John Parrish ... Sheik of Rephidim
Rodd Redwing ... Taskmaster / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Addison Richards ... Fan Bearer
Keith Richards ... Hebrew at Golden Calf / Courtier / Slave / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Overseer
Marcoreta Starr ... Slave / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Onslow Stevens ... Lugal
Clint Walker ... Sardinian Captain
Amanda Webb ... Hebrew at Golden Calf / Young Woman / Hebrew in Exodus
Frank Wilcox ... Wazir
Jeane Wood ... Slave / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Abdullah Abbas ... Taskmaster
Gorgen Raymond Aghayan ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Ahmed Salah Sayed Ahmed ... Slave
Luis Alberni ... Old Hebrew at Moses' House
Lillian Albertson ... Slave
Barbara Aler ... Lady from Edon / Priestess / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Ted Allan ... Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
Herb Alpert ... Drummer on Mt. Sinai
Claire Andre ... Slave
Dorothy Andre ... Slave
Michael Ansara ... Taskmaster
Bart Antinora ... Slave
Alan Aric ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Joel Ashley ... Taskmaster
Maria Elena Aza ... Dancing Girl
William Bagdad ... Slave
Vicki Bakken ... Egyptian Courtesan
Peter Baldwin ... Courtier
Patti Ballon ... Hebrew Girl at Rameses' Gate
Judith Barrett ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Norman Bartold ... Signalman
Betty Bassett ... Court Woman
Jack Baston ... Fan Bearer
Arthur Batanides ... Hebrew at Rameses' Gate / Hebrew at Golden Calf
George Baxter ... 2nd Wazir
Prudence Beers ... Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Don Bender ... Young Boy
Marc Bender ... Child Slave
Richard Bender ... Grainary Child / Child Slave
Rita Bennett ... Slave
Steven Benson ... Little Boy in Exodus
Butch Bernard ... Grainary Child
Dehl Berti ... Pharaoh's Manservant / Architect's Assistant
Robert Bice ... Sergeant
Jan Bradley ... Court Lady / Slave / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor
Harriett Brest ... Hebrew in Exodus
Cindy Brown ... Slave
Linda Sue Brown ... Girl with Doll
Naaman Brown ... Ethiopian
Wanda Brown ... Slave
Zev Bufman ... Slave / Hebrew in Exodus / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Rexford Burnett ... Slave
Polly Burson ... Slave
Iris Burton ... Dancer
Herbert Butterfield ... Royal Physician
Lillian Buyeff ... Mother
Tim Cagney ... Gershom - Age 6
Florine Carlan ... Hebrew Woman
Cliff Carnell ... Edomite Ambassador
Larry Chance ... Taskmaster at Brick Pits
Anna Cheselka ... Extra
Babs Christie ... Jethro's Daughter
Ken Christy ... Slave
Shari Clark ... Slave / Hebrew Toward Corridor
Elizabeth Cloud-Miller ... Old Hebrew Woman at Moses' House
Fred Coby ... Taskmaster / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Peter Coe ... Egyptian Soldier
Lesley-Marie Colburn ... Slave Child
Edward Colebrook ... Slave
Zebedy Colt ... Slave
John Compton ... Slave
Roger Creed ... Taskmaster / Slave / Baka's Guard
John F. Cretan ... Courtier / Slave / Hebrew Toward Corridor
Dorothy Crider ... Hebrew in Exodus
Dean Cromer ... Courtier
Kio Cuddy ... Priestess
Fairy Cunningham ... Court Lady / Slave
Jack Cunningham ... Spearman
Tony Dante ... Libyan Captain
Jann Darlyn ... Swimmer
Steve Darrell ... Man with Bedding
Frankie Darro ... Slave
Madelyn Darrow ... Court Lady in Pool
James Davies ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Terence de Marney ... Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
Adeline De Walt Reynolds ... Frail Old Lady
Cecil B. DeMille ... Narrator
Vera Denham ... Slave / Hebrew in Dathan's Tent / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor
John Diggs ... Babylonian Ambassador
Sophie Dimitry ... Slave
Allan Douglas ... Hebrew in Exodus / Hebrew at Golden Calf
John Drexel ... Courtier
Robert Dumas ... Palace Guard
Margie Duncan ... Slave
Marjie Duncan ... Slave
Edward Earle ... Slave
Mohamed El Deeb ... Elder
Mah Salah Eldin ... Treasury Guard
Henry A. Escalante ... Taskmaster / Palace Guard
Hanaf Abou Esma ... Treasury Guard
Anthony Eustrel ... First High Priest
Charles Evans ... Councillor
Matty Fain ... Slave
Gamel Faris ... Sergeant
Richard Farnsworth ... Chariot Driver
Franklyn Farnum ... High Official
Frank Fayad ... Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
Tido Fedderson ... Court Lady
Lila Finn ... Slave
Jack Fleming ... Servant
Mary Elizabeth Forbes ... Hebrew Woman / Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
Eddie Foster ... Slave
Mona Fouad ... Slave
Vera Francis ... Nubian Slave
John Frederick ... Officer / Egyptian Captain
Robert Fuller ... Extra
Kathy Garver ... Rachel
Paul Gary ... Slave
Anthony George ... Slave
Chief Leonard George ... Slave
Hal Gerard ... Slave / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Jeanne Gerson ... Slave Woman with Donkey / Hebrew in Exodus
Emily Getchell ... Old Hebrew Woman / Woman at Moses' House
Jo Gilbert ... Slave
Richard Gilden ... Hebrew in Dathan's Tent
Andy Glick ... Hebrew Boy at Rameses' Gate
Joe Gold ... Egyptian Guard
Gavin Gordon ... Trojan Ambassador
Judy Goren ... Girl with Donkey
Cliff Gould ... Nobleman
Bernie Gozier ... Extra
Jaclynne Greene ... Mother
Maia Gregory ... Slave
Robert Griffin ... High Priest
Mary Ann Griggs ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Jerry Groves ... Slave
Lyn Guild ... Slave
Frank Hagney ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Chuck Hamilton ... Slave / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor
Kay Hammond ... Grease Woman
Peter Hansen ... Young Aide
Charmienne Harker ... Court Lady / Cretan Lady
Michael Harris ... Courtier
John Hart ... Cretan Ambassador
Maurice Hart ... Slave
Jean Harvey ... Slave
Paul Harvey ... Royal Physician
Edmund Hashim ... Captain of the Guards / Officer / Captain of Trumpeters
Mary Ann Hawkins ... Slave
Donald Hayne ... God (Pillar of Fire)
Helene Heigh ... Court Lady
Len Hendry ... Hebrew in Dathan's Tent
Bob Herron ... Courier
Herbert Heyes ... Old Councillor
Salah Higazy ... Sergeant
Hallene Hill ... Old Woman
Ed Hinton ... Taskmaster / Flagman
Patricia Hitchcock ... Court Lady
Madeleine Holmes ... Slave
Robert Hunter ... Courier
Patricia Iannone ... Grainary Child
Adele Cook Johnson ... Court Lady
Lorna Jordon ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Eddie Kane ... Hebrew at Crag and Corridor
Mary Ellen Kay ... Court Lady in Pool
Max Keith ... Nobleman
Robert Kendall ... Slave Boy with Pigeons / Architect's Assistant
Don Kent ... Captain of Tintyru
George Khoury ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
George Kilburn ... Slave
Glen Kilburn ... Hebrew at Dathan's Tent
Walter Woolf King ... Herald
Charlotte Knight ... Slave
Mel Koontz ... Ethiopian Witch Doctor
Walter Kray ... Courtier
Frank Lackteen ... Old Slave Praying
Ethan Laidlaw ... Elder of Joseph
Harry Landers ... Architect's Assistant / Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
Bob LaVarre ... Taskmaster
Anthony Lawrence ... Slave
Norman Leavitt ... Slave
Michael Legend ... Courtier / Spearman
David Leonard ... Elderly Treader
Carol LeVeque ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Harry Lewis ... Slave
Frank Leyva ... Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
Ronald Lisa ... Slave
Tony Louis ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Jerry Lucas ... Hebrew at Rameses' Gate / Jailer
Don Lynch ... Officer / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Emmett Lynn ... Old Slave / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Herbert Lytton ... Sethi's Attendant / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor
Casey MacGregor ... Slave
Barry Macollum ... Slave / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Terry MacRae ... Courtier / Slave
Ralph Major ... Spearman
Larue Malouf ... Hebrew Girl at Sphinx
Sharon Manns ... Girl with Water Bag / Hebrew Girl at Crag and Corridor
Tony Marcos ... Treasury Guard
Michael Mark ... Hebrew at Dathan's Tent / Old Man Who Blesses Moses
Anthony Marsh ... Slave / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Saul Martell ... Slave
Jack Mather ... High Priest
Ricky McGough ... Boy
Frank McMahon ... Slave
Albert P. Meissner ... Hebrew at Dathan's Tent
Madge Meredith ... Slave
John Milford ... Attendant to Trojan Ambassador / Young Father
Joyce Miller ... Court Lady
Miliza Milo ... Slave
Nico Minardos ... Courtier
Gordon Mitchell ... Egyptian Guard
Steve Mitchell ... Slave
Julie Mitchum ... Slave
John Mixon ... Slave
Michael Moore ... Father
Pat Moran ... Slave
Neyle Morrow ... Slave / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent / Standard Bearer / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Robin Morse ... Pit Slave
Lorraine Moscati ... Court Lady
Alix Nagy ... Water Carrier / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Frank Nechero ... Slave
Ron Nyman ... Egyptian Guard
Inez Palange ... Slave
Jacqueline Park ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Eugenia Paul ... Hebrew Girl at Sphinx
Yvonne Peattie ... Slave / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor
Edmund Penney ... High Priest (voice)
Jon Peters ... Boy on Donkey Crossing Red Sea
Preston Peterson ... Slave
Greigh Phillips ... Spearman / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Mary Ellen Popel ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Stanley Price ... Slave Carrying Load
Elizabeth Prudhomme ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Vernon Rabar ... Extra
Harry Rand ... Courtier / Slave
Stuart Randall ... Elder of Joseph
Ida Ratliff ... Hebrew in Exodus
Marlee Sue Regen ... Child Slave
Gloria Rhoads ... Slave
Dawn Richard ... Pharaoh's Daughter / Court Lady in Pool
Kent Lewis Richland ... Slave Boy / Hebrew Boy at Rameses' Gate
Carlos Rivero ... Slave
Mel Roberts ... Little Boy in Exodus
Stephen Roberts ... Councillor
George Robotham ... Attendant
Ric Roman ... Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
Victor Romito ... Officer / Hebrew in Exodus / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Mickey Roth ... Officer
Linda Sue Rowen ... Little Girl at Crag and Corridor
Paul Salata ... Amalekite
Joan Samuels ... Pharaoh's Court Dancer
Serena Sande ... Hebrew Girl at Sphinx
Archie Savage ... Ethiopian
Carl Saxe ... Amalekite / High Priest
Jefferson Dudley Searles ... Hebrew Toward Corridor / Slave
Ister Shatta ... Slave
Naomi Shaw ... Slave
Kathryn Sheldon ... Old Hebrew Woman Kneading Bread at Moses' House / Hebrew in Exodus
Hal Sherman ... Slave
Mike Sill ... Golden Calf Bearer
Mickey Simpson ... Overseer Watching from Door
Marc Snegoff ...
Marc Snow ... Slave
Robert St. Claire ... Hebrew at Dathan's Tent
Charles Stevens ... Slave
Emilie Stevens ... Hebrew in Dathan's Tent
Robert Stevenson ... Courtier
Bob Stratton ... Nobleman
Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer ... Slave
Irene Tedrow ... Extra
Hy Terman ... Slave
Ken Terrell ... Amalekite
Arthur Tookoian ... Fan Bearer
Pat Tribble ... Woman
Patricia Turner ... Hebrew at Rameses' Gate
Julian Upton ... Spearman
Connie Van ... Slave
Robert Vaughn ... Spearman / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Louise Volding ... Slave
Bunny Warner ... Little Girl
Joan Warner ... Hebrew at Golden Calf
Paul Weber ... Architect / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor
Alan Wells ... Hebrew at Crag and Corridor
Paul Wexler ... Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Hebrew at Golden Calf
Dan White ... Slave
Loray White ... Nubian Slave
Marilyn Winston ... Grainary Child
Harry Woods ... Officer
Norman Wright ... Assyrian Ambassador
Than Wyenn ... Slave
Stephen Wyman ... Nobleman
Guy Zanette ... Slave
Fred Zendar ... Slave / Taskmaster

 Post subject: Re: Bit Players from the Ten Commandments
PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:32 am 
Prince Judah
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I recently began to watch episodes from the early seasons of a famous TV show from the sixties called Mannix, about a tough private detective, played by Mike Connors. There's nothing too special about the series, except that it was violent by the standards of that time and Connors was very macho, in the Heston mold. He's the next bit player I want to mention - he's credited as an "Amalekite Herder" in the above list. I think this is him in the scene when Jethro's daughters are harassed by three of these herders; I believe that Connors plays the one on the right.
_ Image Image Image

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> He's the first one to get struck by Heston as Moses; Moses hits him from behind..! Foul!

At the time he appeared in The TEN COMMANDMENTS and low budget exploitation like the sf cult Day The World Ended (55) and Voodoo Woman, Connors was billed with the odd name of "Touch" Connors. He got his break in 1959, starring as a private detective named Nick on the series Tightrope for a year. Afterwards, his roles in films were bigger supporting parts in Harlow (65), Situation Hopeless but Not Serious (with Robert Redford) and the remake of Stagecoach. He got his first movie starring role in Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (66), a James Bond knock-off, before starting in the TV role that he is best known for, Mannix, for the next 8 years.

Connors continued in TV movies, TV series and a few big budget action films. Much later, he was reunited with Heston in the film Gideon (1999) - I think he and Heston played elderly characters in an old folks home... my, my - how the world does turn! He's still around and will turn 90 next year.

 Post subject: Re: Bit Players from the Ten Commandments
PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:09 am 
Prince Judah
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Here are some of the photos from that site which James mentions above, the one which contains photos of many of the bit players from The TEN COMMANDMENTS. Unfortunately, at this site, these photos are not labeled in any way with the names of actors or their characters (except the ones of the stars and co-stars of the film). All the photos are simply designated as "Unnamed extras." The few I include here may be of the bit players I already posted about on this thread:

this might be Clint Walker:
_ Image this is simply labeled as photo #2 at the site
This character appears very early on, standing on the left side of the screen, as one of the big guards.
Walker appears later in the film, credited as "Sardinian Captain," standing by as a guard when old Sethi inspects the tribute from Ethiopia and even later as the guard who fetches Sethi's chariot when Sethi plans to visit Moses at the new city. But, that's just my best guess.

Woody Strode appears twice and therefore shows up in two photos;
the first photo - #23 - is labeled with the actor's name and as "King of Ethiopia"
Image the 2nd one is just #50: Image this is Strode as a slave who accompanies Bithiah

This might be Gail Kobe (#14):
__ Image or this is her (#15): Image or this (#22): Image

Maybe it's just me, but these look like the same actress - but the photos are placed as if these are of different actresses or at least different characters. This is another problem with the photo placement at the site - some characters appear to have more than one photo posted but the site creators don't seem to realize it. The only one for which this works correctly is Woody Strode, who did indeed play 2 different characters. I haven't been able to spot a photo of Michael Ansara, Mike Connors or Robert Vaughn at the site.

 Post subject: Re: Bit Players from the Ten Commandments
PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:15 am 
Prince Judah
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Joined: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:18 am
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This might be the last entry here on one of these bit players - actors who got their start in The Ten Commandments and went on to long Hollywood careers. We finally focus on Robert Vaughn, who is credited as "Spearman / Hebrew at Golden Calf" - which means he may have been one of the characters writhing and behaving badly in the final act when the Hebrews go nuts, betraying themselves and God by worshiping a golden calf. I have yet to spot him, but maybe next time I watch it...
______ Image
Vaughn quickly got a starring role soon afterward in Teenage Caveman (58), a sci-fi semi-classic from Roger Corman. Soon after, Vaughn was one of The Magnificent Seven (1960) - he is also the last surviving star of that film, as Eli Wallach passed away only half-a-year ago. Oddly enough, Vaughn recreated his role in The Magnificent Seven 20 years later in a sci-fi pic called Battle Beyond the Stars, which had about the same plot. He is most famous for his TV role of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a sixties spoof of James Bond. He soon reunited with Heston in Julius Caesar (1970), though this time Vaughn had a big part in the film. He was in 2 more films with Steve McQueen - Bullitt (68) and The Towering Inferno (74) and provided the voice of the menacing computer in Demon Seed (77).

He continued in pretty big roles into the eighties, usually as villains because this suited his smooth, sophisticated persona - the war pic Brass Target (78), Hangar 18 (1980), the comedy S.O.B. (1981), the super-hero sequel Superman III (1983) and so on. At this point, it may be better to copy a recent blog on the actor, which presents 7 interesting factoids on the actor - ... aughn.html

Seven Things to Know about Robert Vaughn
1. Robert Vaughn earned a Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Southern California in 1972. His dissertation was published as the 355-page book Only Victims: A Study of Show Business Blacklisting.

________________ Image

2. He received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor for The Young Philadelphians in 1959. The film starred Paul Newman as an ambitious young lawyer; Vaughn played his client in a murder trial.

3. Vaughn played the title character in Roger Corman's 1958 cult classic Teenage Caveman. In the film's big plot twist, the prehistoric past turns out to be the future! In his 2008 autobiography A Fortunate Life, Vaughn wrote: "Virtually every time I'm interviewed about my fifty years in motion pictures and television, after being asked about The Magnificent Seven, Bullitt, The Towering Inferno, and especially The Man from U.N.C.L.E., the questioner invariably, with some reluctance and downcast eyes, asks: 'How did you happen to get involved with Teenage Caveman?'"
RIGHT > Vaughn looks like a college joe on vacation, but he's really a teen caveman!> Image

4. Prior to The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Robert Vaughn starred in the 1963-64 TV series The Lieutenant, which was created by Gene Roddenberry. Vaughn portrayed a Marine captain who served as mentor to the show's title character (which was played by Gary Lockwood). Although the series lasted just one season, it led to producer Norman Felton casting Vaughn as Napoleon Solo in U.N.C.L.E. Interestingly, the names "Napoleon Solo" and "April Dancer" (later used for The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.) were the contribution of Ian Fleming, who was briefly involved in the show's development.
RIGHT > with David McCallum as the famous duo from U.N.C.L.E! > Image

5. Four years after the cancellation of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Vaughn went to Europe to star in the half-hour espionage action series The Protectors. The show was created by Gerry Anderson, who remains best known for his marionette puppet series Thunderbirds and Fireball XL5. Vaughn wasn't happy with The Protectors, which failed to click on many levels (e.g., he and co-star Nyree Dawn Porter had zero chemistry). Vaughn did click with actress Linda Stabb, who appeared in the 1973 episode "It Could Be Practically Anywhere on the Island." The two were married in 1974--and remain so today. They have two adopted children.

6. Vaughn, an active Democrat, campaigned for his friend Bobby Kennedy in 1968. He has played U.S. presidents, all Democrats, in the following: Woodrow Wilson in the mini-series Backstairs at the White House; Franklin Roosevelt in the TV-move FDR: The Man in the White House; Roosevelt again in the TV-movie Murrow; and Harry Truman in The Man from Independence. Surprisingly, Vaughn is not a fan of Barack Obama. In a 2010 interview with the British newspaper the Daily Record and Sunday Mail, he said of President Obama: "He's ill-equipped for the job."

7. Robert Vaughn is (was) scheduled to appear in New Year City on June 28, 2014 at an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
___ (New Year City? I wonder if the blog meant New York City...)

Anonymous May 14, 2014 at 10:17 PM
Check out his official website

david hartzog May 18, 2014 at 5:00 PM
Only Victims is well-worth reading, an honest and gut-wrenching take on the blacklisting. I thought Robert Vaughn was an excellent lead in films like The Venetian Affair and The Bridge at Remagen, and wish he'd had others.

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